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I Believe In Nashville


Guess what? I’m still alive.

Thought I’d stop by to unload some pictures from my recent trip to what we like to call, Nashvegas. That’s right, Nashville TN. I spent about a week there visiting my one and only brother and a few friends that used to live in Texas. It looked liked coffee, food, more coffee and more food. Take a look…IMG_9302antique archaeologyIMG_9293tex-mex Chuy'sIMG_9337IMG_9335Elvis NashvilleIMG_9345IMG_9347IMG_9343IMG_9348IMG_9344Barista Parlor, Nashville TNBarista Parlor, Nashville TNIMG_9332crema nashvilleNashville skyline

(P.S.- I’m pretty sure you can’t hardstyle with a smile on your face! Oops.)

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Exploring Rockport- Alpena, Mi


I got lucky and found the headband lying on the ground. It came in really handy since the wind was constantly blowing my bangs in my face!

I got lucky and found the headband lying on the ground. It came in really handy since the wind was constantly blowing my bangs in my face!



IMG_9347IMG_9272A few weeks ago my brother and I took a short little trip up to Alpena, Michigan to visit our good friend Daniel (I’ve mentioned him a few times before when he came to Texas to visit us and again when he helped celebrate my birthday). While we were there he took us to Rockport State Park. Rockport is located on the shore of Lake Huron and includes a deep-water protected harbor and an old limestone quarry of approximately 300 acres as well as several off shore shipwrecks. We wandered around the old launching dock for a bit and then traversed up that mountain of rocks. The view was well worth the climb! We decided to do a little exploring back to the limestone quarry in search of fossils and whatever else we could find. When we were just about there, we came upon a semi frozen lake. We debated whether or not we should try to cross on the ice, walk all the way around, or just turn back. After working up the nerve (and throwing some rocks to check the thickness of the ice) we decided to go for it. We made it to the back of the quarry, found a little waterfall, some Petoskey stones and even made up a game of throwing rocks into different holes in the ice (it was a rough game as evidence by the bloody fingers). Then we hiked back to the car and called it a day…a really great day. It was bitter cold, but so much fun!

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Music Monday- Go Tell It On The Mountain

Well, it’s Monday and here’s some music for you. This is a little rendition of “Go Tell It On The Mountain” that my brother and I (along with some friends) performed for our church’s Christmas service last night. It’s a little gypsy inspired.

//video credit: Marlene Magee//

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Right Now, Recently, Soon Will Be…

Right Now…

I am craving chocolate and trying my best to refrain.

I am listening to lots of the Lumineers.

I’m about to brew a fresh pot of coffee.

I’ve got a lot on my mind.


I attended Barista Nation Dallas. I learned some new things about coffee, but mostly learned how little I know anything about coffee. yikes.

I’ve been knitting and re-knitting a lot. My friend Rachel came for a visit and got me excited about it again. I then proceeded to screw up two attempts at a hat before throwing it across the room. I am proud to say that I am almost finished with my current project (fingers crossed).

My brother turned 28 and we celebrated…twice. We rented a karaoke room one night and had a bonfire the next. It was tons of fun.

I went with friends to Buzz Brews, it’s been awhile and the Hare Krishna was calling my name.

I’ve been watching Project Runway Allstars. I just can’t help myself. I love the drama…I mean clothes.

Soon I Will Be…

Eating chocolate, most likely.

Starting a new chapter of my life. Making more major decisions.

Drowning in Christmas music

Attacking my closet…Lord help me!

Packing up my belongings and saying goodbyes.

Spending more time in person with my family.

Freezing my butt off.

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Fair Days


So it was my first time ever to the State Fair of Texas last week. I’ve lived in Texas off and on for the past 13 years and I’ve never made it once. We decided to head to the fair while my mom was in town, mostly because we wanted to get her on that ferris wheel since she’s completely and utterly afraid of heights!

When we were teenagers we went to an amusement park called Michigan Adventure. We tried so hard to get her onto one of the roller coasters. She finally agreed to give “Zack’s Zoomer” a chance. Let me preface this by saying “Zack’s Zoomer” was a roller coaster for CHILDREN . Not just a smaller scale roller coaster, but an actual ride for kids. I’m not even sure there were seat belts. She screamed the entire length of the ride and wouldn’t let go of the grip she had on that bar to save her life. Of course like the good children that we are, we like to tease her about it any opportunity we get.

So we spent the afternoon/night wandering the midways checking out cars, livestock, extreme BMX stunt riders, all things fried food, and a variety of bands. We managed to get the best chair massage ever, catch the parade, ride on the gondola thing, see  a mulit-sensory fireworks/pyro show and most importantly get our picture taken in front of Big Tex the icon of the Texas State Fair since 1952. Did you know that Big Tex was once a giant Santa Claus constructed to bring commerce to a small town in Texas? He stands 52ft tall, wears a size 70 boot and a 75 gallon hat on his head. Interesting.

If you hadn’t noticed, the ONE thing we didn’t manage to do was actually ride that ferris wheel! Once we made our way over to it, we found that it was closed for maintenance that day. Total bummer. Maybe another time, the weather was beautiful though and it finally started feeling a little bit like fall!

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One thousand five hundred seventy. That’s the number of photos that my poor iphone was holding until I finally got a computer that was capable of downloading them all. 1,570 pictures. That’s a lot. That’s a lot of memories. While making the transfer I found a few pictures that managed to slip by the social media world. They are pictures that never got posted to instagram, facebook or here, so I gathered some of them to do a little photo series of these overlooked digital gems. It’s a random compilation, but this could be fun.

Vegetables, from the garden. Yo.
Those vegetables become pickled vegetables. Boom.


Fun with magnifying glasses.
Fun with friends on late nights, can’t you tell? That’s one tired brother.


I liked this informative board while visitng Quills coffee in Lousiville, Ky.I also liked this informative sign while visiting the bathroom in Macomb, IL. They must have a serious problem with this. Someone just lost their cool…on a sign.


Once I tried to trick myself into thinking this tasted good.

Once I had to trick myself into thinking this tasted horrible.

Blue Velvet cupcakes for a friend’s baby shower (from this recipe here).


There was that one time that my apartment became a tattoo parlor…And that one time that it had the cutest baby in it.And then that other time when it become a bed and breakfast for this guy and his friends.

See, that was fun now wasn’t it? Thanks for letting these left out pictures have a little bit of the spotlight. Hope you’re having a great weekend. I can’t believe another week just flew past! Where does the time go?

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I had the best little surprise last Saturday. I was just working, going about my business, when one of the musicians playing at the coffee bar informed my brother that Joe Pug was playing a show in Dallas that very night. The kicker…for free! If you don’t know who Joe Pug is, you really should. I will forgive you just this once for not knowing, if you promise to go immediately from here and check him out. I was introduced to his music a couple years ago when I went with my brother and some friends on a road trip from Oregon to Michigan. Those boys have good taste in music.

Our informant thought the show was at 9:00, which would have made it a bit difficult to make, seeing that we don’t close until 9:00.  However a little googling brought us some fantastic news! Joe actually didn’t go on until 11:00 and The David Wax Museum was opening for him at 10:00! I’ll forgive you again for asking who the heck The David Wax Museum is, not everyone is up and up on their Mexo-Americana I know (although this isn’t their first mention). This made me really excited. Like more excited than I’ve been in awhile excited. Let’s just say seeing the Head and The Heart live is on this list of things to do before my next birthday. The Head and the Heart played to sold out crowds in Austin, Dallas and Houston last week. I was not apart of any of those crowds. Bummer. BUT. BUT. Seeing The David Wax Museum plus Joe Pug live, for free just might be enough to replace them. The girl plays a donkey jawbone for goodness sake! Ok, enough ranting…or is it raving now I guess? Bottom line. Point of the story. I went. I saw. I listened. I got to stand 10ft from the front, it was beautiful. Now go check them out.

For some reason unknown to me, I can’t get this video to actually load here, but there’s a link to a little video from David Wax Museum about their time in Shanghai as American music ambassadors. It made me love them more.


It’s not my birthday but…

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Pieces…Mother’s Day Edition

This is my Mom. She came to visit us for Mother’s Day. This week’s “pieces” were taken from her visit.

We walked around downtown Waxahachie and I forced her to stop for this photo op. I think it turned out great!

We were nosey for about 40 minutes trying to see some action on this movie set.

It rained some and my brother and I both had to work a lot, but we tried to make the most of it.

I also forced my mom to have this photo shoot with me on Mother’s Day. I don’t know why I like this one so much. Well, probably because it just makes me laugh every time I look at it.   Marianne will probably hate me for posting this, but it could have been worse:).

We went to Urban Taco for Mother’s Day lunch. Delicious.

Remember when I said I had wished I’d taken pictures of my food last time I was at Urban Taco? Well, yeah…forgot this time too:) Luckily my brother had this picture.Monday we both have the day off, so we set off on a little Dallas adventure.

First stop…Hypnotic Donuts

The Evil Elvis…donut, peanut butter, bacon, banana and honey

After lunch we decided to jump on the Dart since all of us love a good public transportation system, but had never riden the Dart.

We headed to the Dallas Zoo. Where I was a bit skeptical and always wary of escaping gorillas…or chimps…or tigers for that matter. I was pleasantly surprised and thankfully still alive and in one piece.

This for some reason happens to be the ONLY picture I took at the zoo. Why??

After the zoo there was a ride on the trolly, a stop for coffee (of course) and then some Serious Pizza. Which by the way is the perfect name for this pizza place with pizzas the size of your house.

There was also a couple of trips to Pinkberry, some thrifting, church, movies, a marriage proposal, a book signing, shish kabobs, coffee training…you know, the usual. I would definitely say it was a good week and I’m so thankful that I got to spend it with my mom.

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Brussel Sprouts for dinner
Found a new old Michigan mug to add to my collection right here in TexasIt was definitely time to trade in the old walletThe beginnings of a salad from homegrown lettuce!
Tomatoes are turning red!

I got a little help with the fence!
This weekend we went camping with our church at Hi View Ranch. We had a bonfire complete with S’mores, went horseback riding, tenting, fishing, picnic-ing, played several rounds of dodgeball, shot some arrows in archery, had great fellowship, fajitas and sing-a-longs, and then got welts and bruises while paintballing….all in a day and half whew.

And a church function just isn’t complete without someone locking their keys in their car right? At least it wasn’t me this time.

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So I missed my “pieces” post the last couple of weeks. Sorry about that. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to the past couple weeks. I’ve been working on that fence today, but it’s still not finished. Ugh. I do have some sprouts already in the garden. Beans! I’ve got bean sprouts. And some radishes too. If you didn’t know, radishes are totally rad. I didn’t like them growing up, but my Grandma however has known what was up all along. She’s been putting radishes in her tossed salads for years. Such a smart lady she is.

Here’s the beginnings of my fence.

Shorts and tights weather.

The brother and I made this delicious meal one night.
I came across this door on a little day off adventure and this old abandoned house that I want to be MINE!!

There was a little dumpster diving for newspapers for my garden project.

Blood Oranges…they’re just so pretty!

I’m thankful for friends. Even if they’re younger than me. Whatever. It’s never dull.

We went to Mexico Oak Cliff to this Mexican restaurant. It was the real deal. We were the only group fo 12 white people anywhere near this place. I ate cow tongue. I did NOT enjoy it.

I attempted some bread again. This time…not so good. You live and learn.

Hey look, I’ve got dreadlocks. I should write about those sometime because I never document them at all. Haggard hair.

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