me, myself and i

Well hello, and welcome to my space. Not to be confused with MySpace (those were the days), but this space where I ramble and record the musings of my everyday life. I’m a Northern Michigan girl living where everything is bigger in the great state of Texas. Here you can follow me as I make my way through life. See my attempts in the kitchen, learn more about my job at a coffee bar, get to know some important people in my life, or if I’m lucky maybe you can see me off on an adventure or two. You should know that I’m  a coffee enthusiast, a thrift store junkie, and a lover of good music. I’ve also been known to get my craft on, so watch out.

Thanks for stopping by! I love company, so come back. Let’s be friends.



5 thoughts on “me, myself and i

  1. Natalie says:

    I have NEVER heard you ramble. In fact I wish you did.

  2. melissa says:

    Did I say ramble? Because what I probably should have said was mumble. I tend to mumble:). That’s it, haha. No, I feel like I ramble a lot when I write. No? You don’t think so? Maybe not? Hey wait a minute, isn’t this rambling right now? Sorta…kinda?

  3. Miss Feebs says:

    I love your blog! Just nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award…details can be found here:
    Look forward to reading your future posts!

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