Old Man Winter

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So it seems that Old Man Winter is hanging on for dear life around here. It’s officially spring, but the old guy is a slow mover. We had a fresh snowfall last week and I’ve been itching to get into the woods when the trees are dusted with that beautiful white powder. So the day after, I dragged my mom out to Iargo Springs. Iargo Springs is a collection of natural springs on the bank of the AuSable River. The springs are accessible by several sets of stairs. Lots and lots of stairs. Once down on the bank of the river there are wooden boardwalks and observation decks spread throughout. As we made our way down the stairs, we could hear Trumpeter Swans “trumpeting” or “honking” whatever it’s called. It was quite the sound and then quite the sight once we made our way to the observation deck. I couldn’t get any good pictures of them, because they were just a little bit too far out for my highly professional iphone camera to capture. There were about 8-10 swans hanging out on the river swimming around, diving for food and chasing each other. It was quite entertaining. We spent a good hour walking around Iargo Springs, breathing in what winter has left to offer. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to get rid of winter and head straight to summer. I don’t blame them, I really don’t. However I am just content with slowing things down, letting nature run it’s course and enjoying the little things each season has to offer. Life all too often feels rushed and hurried. I want to soak it in. I want to be able to remember the sting of cold on my face, the way the sunlight peeked through the forest, the sound of the swans and the snow crunching under my boots. I want to slow down. So Old Man Winter, I understand you’re old and it’s not always easy to get out of the way of Spring. She’s young and has all kinds of fancy footwork. So go ahead, take as much time as you need. Just as long as you give us days like this, we both can be happy.

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