Music Monday- Alexander, Jade and the Magnetic Zeros

It’s Monday, but you already knew that. Today was definitely a Monday for me. I started subbing again. It’s been just about 5 years since I’ve been in a classroom. I figured it’s about time to start loosening up the ole joints, shaking the dust, stretching those muscles again (and also I could really use some cash in a serious way). I had a kid ask me today what the word “hell” meant. I thought about going all Rob Bell on him and telling him that hell is just a figment of his imagination, a metaphor. That it doesn’t really even exist, so not to worry about what it meant. I opted for the…”you should ask your parents about that one  later” answer instead. I could go on about my day today, but really I’d like to forget it. SO since it’s Monday I thought I’d give you (or mostly me) a little music therapy to get you through.

What I have today isn’t necessarily new, but I came across some interviews with Alexander Ebert. I for some reason find him completely fascinating. I think it’s because he is so strange sometimes and then so normal other times, I’m just trying to figure out what he’s all about. It was interesting to hear little bits about his past so I found myself watching interview after interview with him one night. This of course resulted in listening to numerous Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros songs and also becoming acquainted with some of his solo works. I like this first song titled “Truth.” In one of his interviews he talks about his love for rap music as a young boy and how for a long time it was all that he would listen to because he really loved the rhymes and the wordplay.  He was later introduced to some Bob Marley and the list goes on from there. You can absolutely see the influence of both rap and Marley in his song and I think that’s cool. I like when you can point out influences in someone’s music without it necessarily being a copycat. Have a listen.

Let’s talk about Jade Castrinos for just a minute shall we? That voice! I think it’s one of my absolute favorite female voices hands down. I’m also convinced she is the reason Edward Sharpe is so successful. Not that I don’t love the whole band, but without Jade?? I don’t know. I love this song, she is perfect. Can we listen to her all day please?

It could be Alexander’s haphazard hair or his easy sense of style that makes me so obsessed? I’m gonna bet it’s this song though.

There was this one time that I made a trip to Austin Tx to catch these guys on stage. It seems like ages ago, but someday I’ll get the privilege again I hope.

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