It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday, and I…

went to church this morning. Go ahead, I’ll take that virtual pat on the back. I actually tried out a new church today. It’s kind of a country church. I mean it’s a LOT of a country church. 98% of the congregation was 65 and older (with the exception of the pastor and his wife who appear to be in their early 30’s, kind of unusual). We sang hymns straight from the book accompanied by an organ and a real live piano. There were reports from the sick, an open floor discussion about the Easter service and as the pastor called it, a “hillbilly powerpoint” presentation. I’m not gonna lie, I kind of liked it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lively spirit-filled church with modern up to date worship, but there was something refreshing about just getting back to the basics.  Singing the same inspired words that have been sung for years and years before. A solid message straight from the Bible without all the hoopla of supplemental technologies- just a marker, some paper and a clothesline. Church without all the pretense. We took communion and thinking back on it now I realize it was much needed.

Obviously I didn't take this picture today seeing that we are in the middle of winter. I just wanted to give you a visual.

Obviously I didn’t take this picture today seeing that we are in the middle of winter. I just wanted to give you a visual.

It’s Sunday, and I ….

made cookies. I don’t really know how to segue into chocolate chip cookies from church, so there, I just went for it. I made cookies. I was craving some good old fashioned chocolate chippers so I thought I’d just whip up a batch. However I was disappointed to find that we were completely out of butter! You can’t make cookies without butter! Or can you? Come to find out…you can! I searched for a butter substitute and found that you can use olive oil as a replacement for butter in your cookie recipe. Now I was skeptical to say the least. So for your sake (you totally twisted my arm) I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Just in case some day you find yourself in the same predicament and you are as leery as I was about baking with olive oil. I used the chocolate chip cookie recipe from a cookbook I have called “Baked: New Frontiers In Baking.” It’s a cookbook put out by the “Baked NYC” bakery and they have got some serious goodies.

The thing I liked most about using olive oil was that I didn’t have to get out my beaters. I’m kinda lazy in the beater department. If I don’t HAVE to get them out I would quite frankly rather not. The olive oil mixes so easily with the sugars that all you need is a spoon. Totally my kind of mixing. Here’s the recipe for the “Baked” cookies. The only thing that I had to change was substituting 3/4 cup of olive oil in place of the 1 cup of butter. That’s it.

chocolate chip cookies

I’m going to go ahead and tell you now that the dough doesn’t taste the same. Sure it’s edible, but the olive oil is quite overpowering in the raw dough stage. You’ve been warned.  Notice the recipe says to refrigerate the dough for 6 hours. I’m sure you really should do this. This probably makes your cookies taste different somehow, but really…6 hours? Ain’t nobody got time for that! If I’m making cookies, I want them now, am I right? So I did not wait the allotted 6 hours of fridge time. Guess what…they still tasted good.

Now I do want you know that you CAN taste a difference in the cookies.  They do have a slight olive oil tang, if you will.  I used a regular extra virgin olive oil because it’s what I had in the cupboard. Maybe if you had a light olive oil the taste would be less pronounced, but really it’s not that noticeable. I gave one to my dad to try and didn’t tell him that I hadn’t used butter. When I asked him if he thought they tasted different, he said no. Of course once I told him they were made with olive oil instead of butter he noticed the taste, but not before he was aware. So there you go. If you’re ever out of butter and you just have to have some chocolate chip cookies…get out that jar of olive oil and get baking.

chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

I did have a little company in the kitchen. I know, I know, dogs should not be allowed in the kitchen, but Ruby just sits on that rug so patiently, watching, almost like she’s trying to learn. Unfortunately for her she didn’t get to try one.Ruby


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