Why I Love Selling On Etsy

For a little over a year now, I’ve had a vintage shop on Etsy. It’s kind of a natural progression for someone like myself with a penchant for the thrift store. There comes a time when you realize your habits are breaking the bank (although this bank is less of a bank really and more of a wad of cash on the top of my dresser) and that’s saying a lot when you shop almost exclusively secondhand. I thought I’d give Etsy a shot to see if I could somehow turn my hobby into a little extra income. I’ve by no means made enough money for it to be a sole source of income, but every little bit helps. Besides the money, there’s just something about knowing the things that I sell are going to be used or worn by other people who appreciate them as much as I do. These items already have a history, a story. They’ve seen earlier eras, lived years before I was even a thought. Then there they sit, on a shelf, buried in a bin, or hanging on a rack. Somewhere between shrunken sweaters and cargo pants, behind hand embroidered “Welcome” signs and stained coffee mugs, amongst worn out knock- off Uggs. That’s where I find these treasures. I just pick them up because they’ve still got life to live. There is more to their story and that’s what I love about vintage things. I love selling on Etsy, because it makes feel like I’ve somehow aided in or in a tiny way taken part in other people’s stories. Here are a few examples.

These vintage heels were purchased by a girl to wear on her wedding day.

vintage glitter heels

This blanket has been keeping a sweet baby warm and snuggly since being purchased by new parents for the baby’s nursery.

baby blanket

These sandals are now walking the streets of Italy with a young college student who was excited to wear her new Italian shoes while studying abroad.italy sandals

This adorable flannel vest was worn by a little guy in Portland on his birthday.flannel vest

This is the message I got regarding this vintage kitchen set…

“Thank you! I am so excited to get it! I have the Red Kettle Penny pot from when I was little–it was my grandmother’s. We used to collect wheat pennies in it. When I saw that they made a set–I just had to have it.”


kitchen setAnd I’m mailing these boots out tomorrow. They’ll be starring in a play, being worn by the customer’s daughter.lace up bootsIt just makes me happy when someone falls in love with an item in my store. I love connecting with people across the globe through vintage and secondhand treasures. It’s kind of a dream job if you ask me.

Feel free to visit my store and check out the goods >>Clothe Your Bones<<

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