Music Monday- A trip to see The Soil and The Sun

So Saturday night brought us a little spontaneous musical adventure. I found out that the band The Soil and The Sun were playing a show in Mt. Pleasant. I happen to really enjoy their sound, so I talked my sister into joining me after she got out of work. My friend Maggie is always up for anything, so I asked her to go along too on Saturday afternoon. We were all set to go when around 4:00 it started to snow. Not just flurries, but full on white out! For the next 2 hours it was practically a blizzard here in northern Michigan. Now this has happened to me before (obviously), you make plans and then BAM! Mother Nature wants to put her foot down. After some careful consideration we decided that snowy conditions were not going to ruin our plans this time! We jumped in my Dad’s monster truck and headed southwest.


We got this chocolate message…how did Dove know?!


This is a terrible picture, but we’re ready for adventure!IMG_0244

First stop, Kaya Coffee. Maggie’s old stomping studying grounds IMG_0243IMG_0252

I spy the show poster in the background.

Pretty hand stamps at Hunter’s Ale HouseIMG_0260

Ridiculously delicious pizza!The Soil and the Sun

The band of the hour…The Soil and The Sun.The Soil and the SunThe Soil and the Sun

No trip to Mt. Pleasant is complete without a stop at Soaring Eagle Casino. Maggie won some money at the blackjack table. She’s a little excited.IMG_0268

Then we headed home. Poor Erin had to work at 8:00 the next morning and we didn’t get in till 3:00. She was a trooper though. So glad we decided to brave the weather and go through with our plans. It was a really fun night and much needed. Sometimes you’ve just got to do something different and get the heck out of Tawas.

Do yourself a favor and check out The Soil and The Sun, you’ll be glad you did. Watch the video. Do it. It’s long, I know.

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2 thoughts on “Music Monday- A trip to see The Soil and The Sun

  1. J says:

    Mels, I really like this band! Good find.

  2. […] it’s actually borrowed from my sister. It was hand crafted by one of the members of the band, “The Soil and the Sun.” I’m all for splurging a little on handmade pieces. Well that’s all for now. I […]

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