Trip to Michigan Part 2

So my Grandma turned 80 on October 20th and again on October 23rd. That’s right, she’s got two birthdays. The story goes something like this…my great grandmother went into labor on October 20th 1932. The Doctor was out hunting as per usual for any baby born during hunting season in Michigan. Wilmetta (my grandma) was born on the 20th, the doctor came 3 days later to do a check up and fill out the birth certificate. He must not have been thinking, or just didn’t notice because he filled in the date of birth as October 23rd. Therefore giving her not one but two birthdays.

We loaded up the cousins and my aunt and had a good Fairbanks girls celebration complete with chip dip, some board games and a Taste of Home cooking school. I’m thankful I got to make it. Life is good. I hope I live to see 80. I can’t imagine what my life will look like then. Craziness I’m sure.



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