30 things in review

So it’s 12:15am, I’m standing at my counter baking pumpkin cream cheese muffins, drinking Topo Chico through a straw, watching cheesy television shows on Netflix and now updating this ole blog. I thought I should stop by, well one because it’s been awhile and two because it’s my birthday! Yeah, I have a hard time believing it’s been a whole year already. A year since “The Best Week Ever.” I made this list of things that I wanted to accomplish this year. So I thought I’d fill you all in. I didn’t do as well as I would have hoped, but here we go.

1. Plant a garden I tried my hand at square foot gardening this summer. It was a good start. I learned a lot, and am hoping to plant some things for fall. I’m still no green thumb by any means, but at least I got out there and tried.

2. Ride a horse This one just kind of fell in my lap. Well not literally, because that would have been very bad. In April my church went camping at a ranch just outside of town. The ranch, like most ranches came complete with horses. Checked that one off early.

3. Draw More- Okay, so this one didn’t happen. I did see a flyer for a drawing class in the library, but never got around to that.

4. Go to Marfa- I wish. Maybe some day.

5. See the Head And The Heart live- Unfortunately I didn’t find out they were coming to town until after the show was already sold out. Bummer city. However, I did get to catch Joe Pug and The David Wax Museum for free!

6. Blog more, lots more– There has been blogging. I’m gonna count that.

7. Travel Internationally- Yes, that was wishful thinking.

8. Read 5 books Woohoo! It happened this year. I did it, I read 5 books. I know it sounds pathetic, but last year I didn’t get that one accomplished. It may have helped that the Hunger Games series was 3 books:).

9. Run a 5k- Sad face. I really wanted to do the Color Me Rad race, but due to some outside circumstances that didn’t happen. Maybe next time.

10. Be a better friend- hmmm…you’ll have to ask my friends.

11. Send some snail mail Check.

12. Open an Etsy shop check, check, double check. Clothe Your Bones is up and running.

I’m just going to go ahead and touch on the rest of the list that I actually accomplished because this could get long.

19. Fix my bike and ride it I didn’t fix the bike, but I did find a new bike and I did ride it.

21. Go fishing When I was camping at the ranch I threw a line in a few times.

25. Sand/finish table Eat at it A few years ago my parents bought a table at an auction. They let me have it for my apartment, but it needed to be sanded and sealed. It’s finished, and I love it!

27.Get a new computer A total blessing.

29. Learn some sign language Since I didn’t specify how much “some” is, I’m crossing this one off the list for now. I have learned a few basic signs (like 40, more if you want to include body parts). Lots more to learn.

30. Finish the 5 week devotional The devotional was supposed to only take 5 weeks, it took me a little longer, but it’s done!

So there you have it. Wow. I can’t believe I’m old. It’s so weird. I’m gonna go now, before I start going off about how old I feel. There’s a  pumpkin muffin that just came out of the oven begging me to celebrate.

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3 thoughts on “30 things in review

  1. Char says:

    Congratulations on the Etsy shop. What kind of devotional did you complete?

    • melissa says:

      Thanks! The shop is a lot of fun. As for the devotional, I did the Soul Detox bible study on the YouVersion Bible app. I saw that a group of girls were doing the study together and then posting bits of it on instagram with the hash tag #shereadstruth. It caught on really quick and now they have a website and have gone through a few other studies. It was really good. http://shereadstruth.com/
      I stopped by your page, your house is adorable:)

  2. Natalie says:

    I give number 10 an A+! I get a B- because I forgot your birthday and I am just now subscribing to your blog. I don’t have a good blog reading system so I just check them periodically and now here I see that I have been way behind.

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