My j-o-b (Part 1)

So I’ve been thinking about this blog of mine lately and what kind of things I want to post about. I realized that I talk to you about my job sometimes, but I’ve never really explained what exactly it is. That might be handy if you wanted to know a little more about me, or so you aren’t totally confused when I take pictures of drink boards or doughnut muffins. There’s a lot of back story to my job, so for the sake of time and your eyeballs, I’m gonna break it up into parts, so let’s consider this Part 1.

It all started WAY back when in college, I worked at this little old time-y soda fountain/ice cream parlor in downtown Midlothian, Texas. It was called Fundaes. It was a great job and I loved it most of the time. I mean I love ice cream, so serving it up, making waffle cones, concocting sundaes, was all mostly a good time. I had fun coworkers and there was a big marching bass drum that we used to take on parades up and down the street if it was your birthday. Seriously cool. For some reason despite growing up in a non-drinking home I always had a secret dream of being a bartender, so working the soda fountain was basically the same thing. Ok, so not really anywhere close, but a bible school student can dream right? Uh…sure.

Anyway, there was a lady that I worked with who attended a church in town and invited my friends and I to visit. We went to what was known then as Midlothian Christian Fellowship. After visiting a few Sundays, one of the girls in the church suggested that she come over to our dorm room and we could have a Ben & Jerry’s tasting party. That day right there, was the birth of a beautiful friendship. A friendship that has lasted for I’d say around 10 years now. That girl is now one of my very best friends, I talk about her a lot on here so you might know her as Natalie or the Messy Mom. Natalie and I share a passion for good ice cream and all things dessert. Natalie’s husband later became the associate pastor of MCF, which changed it’s name to the Lighthouse.

FAST FORWARD…I graduate college, leave Texas, eventually move back to Michigan. We’re all still friends and one day Jeremy (Natalie’s husband/associate pastor of the Lighthouse) calls and asks if I would consider moving back to Texas to help The Lighthouse open a coffee shop that they had been planning for years and years. They had purchased an old run down pawn shop that was in the parking lot of the church and were in the middle of renovating it into a coffee bar/art gallery. I thought about the offer for awhile, I was home helping my family with our own coffee shop (A Different Blend), and decided what the heck…let’s do this. So I packed up a few of my belongings, a couple months worth of clothes and headed back to the state of Texas. I spent the first couple of months helping with renovations and planning the menus. It was a lot of work, and I was only there for the end of it! I don’t even want to imagine how much time, blood, sweat and tears went into that place before then. After a few soft openings, we finally opened the doors of Lighthouse Coffee in November 2009.

I never got the chance to see the remains of the pawn shop before they began construction. I’m a little disappointed. I hear it was a hot mess. The drywall is up here as you can see.

I also wasn’t able to find many construction pictures so I have  just the one for you, but here’s a look at the inside now.

My brother decided to move down to help too! Here we are before opening, perfecting some our drink recipes. We are crazy.

I love this welcome sign that the city put up for us…it makes me laugh every time. Look closely…see it? Wait for it….yeah, two “f”s” in coffee usually (sorry, I don’t know how to make this picture any bigger).

The ribbon cutting…

Here we are on opening day…I don’t think we even had a clue what we were getting ourselves into:)

>>Stay tuned for more about life at Lighthouse Coffee<<

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