One thousand five hundred seventy. That’s the number of photos that my poor iphone was holding until I finally got a computer that was capable of downloading them all. 1,570 pictures. That’s a lot. That’s a lot of memories. While making the transfer I found a few pictures that managed to slip by the social media world. They are pictures that never got posted to instagram, facebook or here, so I gathered some of them to do a little photo series of these overlooked digital gems. It’s a random compilation, but this could be fun.

Vegetables, from the garden. Yo.
Those vegetables become pickled vegetables. Boom.


Fun with magnifying glasses.
Fun with friends on late nights, can’t you tell? That’s one tired brother.


I liked this informative board while visitng Quills coffee in Lousiville, Ky.I also liked this informative sign while visiting the bathroom in Macomb, IL. They must have a serious problem with this. Someone just lost their cool…on a sign.


Once I tried to trick myself into thinking this tasted good.

Once I had to trick myself into thinking this tasted horrible.

Blue Velvet cupcakes for a friend’s baby shower (from this recipe here).


There was that one time that my apartment became a tattoo parlor…And that one time that it had the cutest baby in it.And then that other time when it become a bed and breakfast for this guy and his friends.

See, that was fun now wasn’t it? Thanks for letting these left out pictures have a little bit of the spotlight. Hope you’re having a great weekend. I can’t believe another week just flew past! Where does the time go?

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2 thoughts on “1,570

  1. I didn’t even know you pickled! This is one of the many reasons you’re my friend. Did you see the sign in the bathroom at the taco place we ate at today (can’t remember the name). It had a long humorous list of things to not flush down the toilet. I’ve always wanted to do a series of weird signs I see in bathrooms but I just never have.

  2. melissa says:

    First time pickler right here! They turned out pretty good, I might have put a teensy bit too much garlic in the jar, but still good.
    I did not go into the bathroom (at Good To Go Tacos), I thought about it because I’m weird like that and like to check out the bathrooms at interesting restaurants. You never know when you might find great Chuck Norris quotes all over the walls:). Maybe we should collaborate and do a bathroom series together haha. Could be fun?!

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