Peachy Keen Pie

Things are just plain peachy around here this weekend. First off, a friend of mine brought me 10 handpicked peaches from her grandparent’s backyard. (I know, I’ve got great friends right?) Those 10 peaches sat on the counter in my kitchen for a few days until I decided at 11:30 last night that they needed to become peach pie. Oh man…peach pie they did become. Actually they became the best peach pie I’ve ever made. Then I should probably tell you that it was actually the first peach pie I’ve ever made, so I’m not sure that counts.  I’m thinking that it might even detour me from ever making another one for fear that it could have just been beginners peach pie luck. Yeah, that good.

My Kentucky friends are in town visiting for a few days. Yes, I shared the peach pie. That would just be plain rude not to share the best peach pie I’ve ever made. In keeping with the peach theme, we even spent part of the afternoon trying to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser on original Nintendo. This is where I want to say “Life’s a Peach” when best friends are around, but that’s just peaches and cheese:).

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