Farewell Cornerstone 2012

So last week was bittersweet. When I say last week I mean LAST week like the week of July 4th. I spent 6 days sleeping on the ground, braving the hellish temperatures of the midwest in a dust ridden field surrounded by corn. Sounds awesome right? It was (minus the extreme temps and humidity). A group of young adults from the Lighthouse as well as some of my “older” adult friends made the trek to Bushnell Illinois to say goodbye to our dear friend, also known as Cornerstone Festival. For 29 years Cornerstone has been drawing all types of artistic, music loving, Jesus worshipping people from all over the country and around the world. This year was Cornerstone’s final run.

The festival itself was much smaller this year due to budget cuts and changes in the music lineup. However if you’re going to Cornerstone solely for the music scene, then you’ve got it all wrong anyway. I’ve talked a little bit about Cornerstone in past blogs, and this was actually only my third year to attend, but Cornerstone already has a huge place in my heart that is going to be near impossible to fill. I love it, because it’s such a great reminder of how different God has created us each to be. There’s such a diversity in music, in art, in personalities, in styles, in world views…and they’re all coming together with one commonality which is the gospel of Christ. The minute we try to fit someone into our “christian mold” of how we think they should look, act, dress, think etc…then we’re putting God in a box.  A really small box that leaves no room for love or genuine community.

This year’s Cornerstone did not disappoint me. The Chariot disappointed me, but Cornerstone did not. Haha! I had to get that in here somewhere. We were all sure that The Chariot would show up and play a secret finale for the very last Cornerstone, but we were all very wrong. Here are some of the highlights:

Like I said, literally surrounded by cornfields.

Hanging out at the campsite

How adorable are these two?! Those backpacks rarely came off:)

Volleyball with new friends

This was a regular sight…it was REALLY hot.

So hot that we took turns passing the spray bottle and fan.

The Anchor Mission and Come and Live tents are always a favorite with great speakers, seminars and worship. 

Good ole’ Cornerstone water bottle baptisms.

We have a talented group of individuals 

Sparklers for the fourth of July

We volunteered our group to help a woman named Mama Linda prepare and cook meals for over a hundred people. She’s a really awesome lady.  She serves two meals a day to bands, merch people and campers simply to bless them. Fun fact about Mama Linda…she attends a goth church somewhere in the middle of Illinois? Love her ministry. Also love this picture of Donnie in her apron:)

What we thought was going to be The Chariot setting up, was really just some band that decided they wanted to be finale. Then they burned down the skatepark. I was a little scared for my life, but it made for some serious excitement. 

Thank you Cornerstone for all you’ve done in the lives of thousands of people. Thank you for opening our eyes to just a small glimpse of what the kingdom of heaven should look like on earth. For allowing us to be unique individuals and for helping us celebrate that by bringing the body of believers together year after year. If I’ve learned anything from Cornerstone, it’s to remove the labels we put on ourselves and on other people. Let’s remove the labels and just be. Be who you are. Be who God created you to be. Cornerstone Music Festival community…you will be sorely missed.

P.S.- I stole all of these pictures from friend’s facebooks…thanks Heather VanZandt and Natalie Busch:)

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2 thoughts on “Farewell Cornerstone 2012

  1. Natalie says:

    Oh sad day. I have had a hard time describing to people how I felt about Cornerstone, because it really was good and I had a great time, but it was also sad that they couldn’t go out on top. You know, everyone wants to end up on top 😦 And btw you can use my photos anytime.

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