Right Now…Recently…Soon Will Be…


I’m looking at a mess on my living room floor, trying to photograph and take measurements for Etsy items.

I’m trying my hardest not to swallow, because my throat is on FIRE.

I should be sleeping.

I’m doing everything I can not to freak out about the giant cockroach that just scurried through my line of vision.


I’ve hung out with the guys from Ascend the Hill and Least of These and discovered The Foundry, a really sick bar/restaurant right here in Dallas.

I’ve been listening to a little bit of Of Monsters and Men.

I’ve eaten way more ice cream than I should have (thank you Comfy Cow in Louisville)

I’ve been thinking about how much I’m going to miss Cornerstone and how awesome setting that boat on fire was (haha).

Soon I will be…

Contemplating some major life decisions.

Getting around to unpacking my suitcase and starting my laundry.

Plotting to take my friend out to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Planning my fall garden.

That’s about it around here. Hope all is well wherever you may be. Have a good weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Right Now…Recently…Soon Will Be…

  1. Have a wonderful weekend

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