I had the best little surprise last Saturday. I was just working, going about my business, when one of the musicians playing at the coffee bar informed my brother that Joe Pug was playing a show in Dallas that very night. The kicker…for free! If you don’t know who Joe Pug is, you really should. I will forgive you just this once for not knowing, if you promise to go immediately from here and check him out. I was introduced to his music a couple years ago when I went with my brother and some friends on a road trip from Oregon to Michigan. Those boys have good taste in music.

Our informant thought the show was at 9:00, which would have made it a bit difficult to make, seeing that we don’t close until 9:00.  However a little googling brought us some fantastic news! Joe actually didn’t go on until 11:00 and The David Wax Museum was opening for him at 10:00! I’ll forgive you again for asking who the heck The David Wax Museum is, not everyone is up and up on their Mexo-Americana I know (although this isn’t their first mention). This made me really excited. Like more excited than I’ve been in awhile excited. Let’s just say seeing the Head and The Heart live is on this list of things to do before my next birthday. The Head and the Heart played to sold out crowds in Austin, Dallas and Houston last week. I was not apart of any of those crowds. Bummer. BUT. BUT. Seeing The David Wax Museum plus Joe Pug live, for free just might be enough to replace them. The girl plays a donkey jawbone for goodness sake! Ok, enough ranting…or is it raving now I guess? Bottom line. Point of the story. I went. I saw. I listened. I got to stand 10ft from the front, it was beautiful. Now go check them out.

For some reason unknown to me, I can’t get this video to actually load here, but there’s a link to a little video from David Wax Museum about their time in Shanghai as American music ambassadors. It made me love them more.http://www.npr.org/templates/event/embeddedVideo.php?storyId=154362307


It’s not my birthday but…

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  1. […] coming to town until after the show was already sold out. Bummer city. However, I did get to catch Joe Pug and The David Wax Museum for […]

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