Hello Laundry.

Today is a day for laundry. I’m typically the type of person who will get creative in the wardrobe department in order to avoid laundry at all costs. It’s finally caught up with me. I have run out of options. Well I take that back. That’s not totally true, however due to current weather conditions all sweaters are out of the picture and I have officially run out of options that would be considered acceptable to actually wear in public. Really no one needs OR wants to see me wearing that full length, leopard print maxi dress that I bought from the thrift store with every intention of altering it to somehow make it less craziness. As much as I would like them to be, leggings do not equal pants for me. It just doesn’t work, not with all this junk, all this junk inside my trunk. And ever since TLC decided Clinton and Stacy should be let loose into the world of fashion via What Not To Wear, we all have learned that pajamas in public are a huge no-no! I totally have nightmares that I’m in the grocery store in flannel pants with Clinton and Stacy dancing around my head reprimanding me for pajamas in public, not to mention just having ugly pajamas in general.  So yeah, today laundry wins.

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