Drawer Turned Shelf DIY

Here’s another little DIY or maybe just an idea to get your brains turning. Awhile back I took a quick trip to Habit For Humanity’s ReStore in Fort Worth. I found this lone dresser drawer complete with vintage contact paper. I loved the southwestern design so much I bought the drawer without any real direction. It’s been sitting in my living room for a couple of weeks until one day while cleaning I just decided that the drawer needed to be a book shelf. Then I remembered there was a stack of bricks under my apartment stairs getting no use whatsoever. So I carried up a bunch of bricks (got a little workout) and whallah…a really quick, really easy diy book shelf was born.  I threw some books on it, a few odds and ends that I always have around because I’m addictied to thrifting, and some plants. New life.

I just thought I’d share this with you to encourage you to look at things in a different light sometimes. What do you already have around that you could turn into something else?

Sorry about the picture quality, not my best work:).

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