30 things

Ok, so here it is…my list. 30 things before 31. Ouch. I hate saying that already. Really what is my problem with aging? I don’t know. So I only have 3 months left to accomplish this list. Seriously, where did the time go?? I feel like I was just talking about my last list. I’ve had this list started for some time now, so hopefully I can get most of it crossed off before the big b-day. Some of the things I’ve already done, some I’m not so sure are going to happen, but only time will tell.

30 things before 31:

1. Plant a garden

2. Ride a horse

3. Draw more

4. Go to Marfa

5. See the Head and the Heart live

6. Blog more…lots more

7. Travel internationally

8. Read 5 books

9. Run a 5K

10. Be a better friend

11. Send some snail mail ( write a letter)

12. Open an Etsy shop

13. Leave notes for strangers

14. Make soft pretzels

15. Complete 5 DIY projects

16. Make a quilt

17. Try 5 new recipes

18. Learn the violin

19. Get my bike fixed and ride it

20. Make soap

21. Go fishing

22. Step out of my comfort zone

23. Write a children’s book

24. Walk more

25. Sand/finish the dining room table and eat at it

26. Have a dinner party

27. Get a new computer

28. Be slower to anger and quicker to love

29. Learn some sign language

30.Finish the 5 week devotional I started yesterday.


7 thoughts on “30 things

  1. dancer4jesus says:

    My only thing I want to do is sell more zija and travel

  2. Miss Feebs says:

    Good luck with checking the things off your list 🙂
    I’ve started working through mine (http://www.iwantgreatthings.co.uk/the-list/) – it’s no easy task I can tell you!


    • melissa says:

      Thanks…I’m gonna need it:) Your list looks like a lot of fun too! I’d love to take a trip to Paris, or any of the trips on your list and most definitely eat at a Michelin rated restaurant sometime.

  3. […] I’ve been in awhile excited. Let’s just say seeing the Head and The Heart live is on this list of things to do before my next birthday. The Head and the Heart played to sold out crowds in […]

  4. Crystal says:

    Your a wonderful friend 🙂 one I’m incredibly thankful to have! And you did learn some sign language :p

  5. […] it’s been a whole year already. A year since “The Best Week Ever.” I made this list of things of things that I wanted to accomplish this year. So I thought I’d fill you all in. […]

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