How does your garden grow?

So hey, I’m growing things over here. It’s definitely been a learning experience. Note to self…next time maybe make a plan. That’s right, I didn’t really have much of a plan going into this gardening thing. I just kinda threw some seeds into the squares and hoped something grew. I know there are books out there that help you with that, but I was just too cheap to actually buy one.

Not gonna lie, sometimes I forget to water the poor thing. I know, that’s like the most important part of gardening…water. I was really thankful last weekend when it poured for several hours, I’d say I got lucky. I think the Summer Squash may have been a mistake, but who doesn’t love zucchini? I probably should have designated two spaces for that beast. I did grow some radishes, but I think planted too many of those and they didn’t get to grow as big and strong as they should have been. I’ve got some beans, but I think I need to stake them, because they’re too heavy and falling over, oops. Cucumbers so far are growing like champs, I’m afraid they’re about to take over though. There’s about to be an all out battle for space between the squash and the cukes.

You live and learn and I’m mostly just proud of myself for actually getting out there, getting my hands dirty and trying something new. Gardening is a skill that takes time to develop, so I’m not giving up, just taking notes.

P.s.- Finally got that fence up, still needs work, probably won’t ever get it :).

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One thought on “How does your garden grow?

  1. dancer4jesus says:

    Looks like our Garden at home have so much stuff you just have to give it away

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