North Nineth

Sorry for the silence recently. My friends and I here at Lighthouse Coffee Bar have been working nonstop to put on N.9th, an art and music festival last Saturday. The event was a huge success! We had 30 bands on 3 stages, 2 art galleries, non-profit organizations and vendors, a kids zone and more. We’ve been working on this for months now and all through the night the night before. I attempted to take some pictures to document it, but I’ve found I’m just not very good at that. Here’s a few things I did manage to get.

[[These are mostly my pictures with the exception of Solomon Barr, DISC choir, and Surge on Smith]]

The outdoor stage got a roof

The venue’s green room got tagged and turned into an old-school hip hop gallery


The venue stage became Grandma’s Living Room

Soloman Barr performing on Grandma’s Living Room Stage

The Dallas International Street Church Choir on the outdoor stage

Surge On Smith performing on the indoor coffee bar stage

Last but certainly not least Listener was the headliner and played to a jammed packed room full of sweaty people. It was awesome.

Hopefully I’ll be able to share more pictures with you when they start rolling in. I guess this is all for now!

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