Wow oh wow. This has been a LONG, busy week. I managed to take  a few pictures to show you some pieces of my life this week…

We were hoping to grill out for Easter, but Mother Nature had other plans. As soon as we got out of church it started to down pour. We had a few friends over and we finally decided on Easter tacos. We live in Texas, what do you expect?? It’s not Easter without deviled eggs though, those eggs look familiar?

My current favorite muffin/cupcake liners. They started out as bright purple, pink and orange and once baked turned to nice jeweled tones. Love.

Grocery runs. Not the worst kind of runs you could have:). Sorry, that was uncalled for, I’m 12. I couldn’t see where I was going, this is typical.

I saw twin cars while walking.

And for my failures this week…these were supposed to be cookies?

Finally got around to filing my taxes and I owe the government money. Fail. I was a little bit infuriated. I asked this question to the Turbo Tax experts. They didn’t respond. I’m almost not kidding though. (As you can see I was a little upset, I had to repeat myself…next year).

This pretty, chocolate, raspberry filled cupcake from one of my dear friends helped out with some of that frustration:)

And coffee is just always a good idea. I spent a couple hours up at Oak Cliff Coffee on Friday doing some training. 2 hours of pulling espresso shots + no food because I was running late = jittery awesomeness.

What about you? What did you do this week?

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