So there’s been this crazy internet thing about using natural dyes for dying Easter eggs this year. Have you seen it? It’s everywhere I look. Sounds cool in theory, but I wonder how much it costs for all those ingredients? If you went through the time and trouble of dying eggs organically I applaud you. I really do, it looks awesome. As for me, I had to go with the old standby PAAS tablets. The other night I had a couple friends over and we dyed eggs like we were 12.  Whether you go the natural route, or the easy route, dying eggs is still fun nonetheless. Before you get too disappointed in me, I did have to attempt something creative. I found this idea for dying eggs with old silk ties. I didn’t have enough time or patience to really give it all the attention it needed, but a couple of them turned out really cool. This one was our favorite. 

And of course we had a Frankenstein egg. Who doesn’t have a Frankenstein egg at Easter?

These guys are going make delicious deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches…can’t wait!

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4 thoughts on “Egg-cellent

  1. Natalie says:

    Awwww, man. I can’t believe I missed that! They did turn out phenomenal, and I am not one bit surprised.

  2. […] We were hoping to grill out for Easter, but Mother Nature had other plans. As soon as we got out of church it started to down pour. We had a few friends over and we finally decided on Easter tacos. We live in Texas, what do you expect?? It’s not Easter without deviled eggs though, those eggs look familiar? […]

  3. […] We had Easter Texas style…tacos and deviled eggs. Oh and then chocolate cake, lots of chocolate […]

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