Adventures in Square Foot Gardening

There are cars stopped on the side of the road and groups of people posing for pictures in the medians here in Texas.  That can only mean one thing…spring is in full force around these parts. It’s true, temps have reached the 80’s and I’ve already gotten my first sunburn of the season. Yeah, sounds more like summer I know, but that’s Texas for ya. I’ve spent the last few days trying to get a garden box built and planted. I thought this year I’d give the Square Foot Gardening method a shot, seems like a good idea for a small space.

For your sake I’ll give you the abbreviated version: (the long one involves multiple trips to the nursery for the correct amount and type of soil, a Home Depot employee having a really rough day, dumpster diving for newspapers, the wrong size screws, the right size screws, and moving the whole thing half way through)

First things first, before you begin you’ve got to put on your “gardening attire.” In my case this old “Leave me alone I’m having a crisis” t-shirt did the trick, some shorts so I could pretend like my legs would get tan, a crazy out of control hair-do, some really sexy garden shoes (aka really sexy hiking boots), and a pair of found XXX Church sunglasses. Yeah, I was lookin’ real good:). 

For the box… I put together this 4×4 frame. Wood (2×8’s cut in half), screws, a little bit of muscle. Done.

Then I lined the bottom with newspaper. This proved to be quite a challenge since the wind never ceased to quit.  I spent most of my time chasing papers across the yard.

After that, I filled the frame with a mixture of compost, pre-bedding soil, and some square foot garden mix. If you didn’t know, soil is the key to a successful garden. What they don’t tell you though is that soil is expensive!! Thankfully the lady at the greenery helped me figure out a combination of things that saved me a ton of money (unfortunately not on my car insurance).Once I loaded her up with soil, I measured off square foot sections. As you can see, somehow I didn’t end up exactly square so I’ve got a few spaces that aren’t quite the right size. I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal. Screw on your grid.I planted some seeds in the squares. We’ll have to see if anything actually grows. I’m very skeptical at the moment. I have a few plants that I bought that I want to put in, but I need to put some kind of fencing up before I do that. I have a feeling the animals around here will think my garden is a delicious gourmet salad made just for them. So a fence…that’s my next project. What about you? Any gardening plans this year? Any gardening tips? Do you even like vegetables??

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5 thoughts on “Adventures in Square Foot Gardening

  1. Natalie says:

    We just started ours yesterday. The Kentucky schedule is a little behind. We are still running the heater and wearing jackets around here.

    • melissa says:

      You don’t even know how jealous this comment just made me! It’s already too warm for my liking here in Texas. Blah! I would have definitely loved the extra time to plan that garden too. Oh well, hopefully I’ll have something edible by the time you guys make it down here!

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