So I’m really feeling the whole dead computer thing this week. I’m starting to get a little computer stir crazy if ya know what I mean. I’m beginning to wonder how long one can live without a computer in this day in age? I’m not by any means a techie, I’m actually not even sure if that’s how you spell the word correctly. I have an iphone 4. I’ve never upgraded it. I have an ipod Nano. It’s frozen in time to the tunes of 2007. I still own VHS tapes. I still buy VHS tapes. I feel like I should be able to survive without a computer. However the lack thereof is really putting my “living with less” lifestyle to the test. It’s so crazy to think how far the technological age has come in just my lifetime and I haven’t really been alive THAT long. Seems like yesterday I was playing Paper Boy and Million Dollar Pyramid on my grandma’s (yes, my grandma had a computer before we did) Commodore 64. Now I’m having to be annoyed by a table of 40 somethings and their preteen kids going on and on about their tweets, how many followers they have and how they’re going to unfriend certain people on their facebook because they are sick of their status updates. What has the world come to?

One thing however that I love about the internet….Etsy. Yes, I know Etsy has been around for quite some time now, but I finally jumped on board and opened a vintage store. So far I love it. It’s a lot more work than I expected, but then again it takes a little while to first get my hands on a computer for a couple hours, then take a picture with my phone, email it to myself, load it into iphoto in order to rotate the image, then upload it to the site. Time. Takes time. But it’s been so worth it. I actually just sold something while sitting here typing this blog. Craziness, this whole internet thing.

I didn’t get on here tonight though to even tell you about my store, (but if you want to take a look, be my guest, I’d love that). I actually came here tonight to tell you about the other side of Etsy. The part where you get to be the shopper. I came across a lovely little store called Botny a couple weeks ago. I fell in love with these hand drawn earrings by Dana. I couldn’t decide between two different styles, so I asked her to chose between the two for me. When the first pair came in the mail I loved them so much, that I went ahead and ordered the other color about a week later when I saw she was having a sale. I’m pretty sure these are the only pairs of earrings I own at the moment and maybe they’ll ease me back into my earring wearing phase that I’ve been away from for so long.

I didn’t get a picture of the first pair, because I’m actually wearing them right now and I don’t want to have to take them out for a photo, but here is the second pair. They even came in a cute little decorated box with a handwritten note from the artist.

How cute is this pair? Might have to make another purchase!

Oh and it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about any kind of music I’ve been listening too. Two words. Andrew Bird. I’m really digging his brand new album. I started listening to it one night when the ceiling fan in my room was driving me absolutely insane while I was trying to sleep. See for yourself, give it a listen.

I’m not a techie but…

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