D-E-D dead

SO…my computer up and died. It finally bit the dust, at least for the time being. It’s served me well, but I was still rockin’ the ibook G4 series. Yeah, a bit old school but whatevs. My laptop was the first big purchase I ever made right after my first “real job.”  It’s been going into panic mode for sometime now and I was just hoping to squeeze every bit of life it had left out of it.  Surprise… life does go on with out a computer. Much less conveniently, but goes on none the less. I’m not sure when I’ll get another one, but for the moment my brother is letting me borrow his. Aw…isn’t that sweet. However when I say borrow for “a moment” I mean it, so hopefully I can keep up with some posts, but who knows. Grrr…. On a better note, I made homemade pizzas for the Wednesday Night Connection dinner that the coffee bar this week. I learned to make dough from scratch and put together a pretty mean BBQ chicken pizza. I also made a homemade ranch dressing for my own personal consumption because I am somewhat of a ranch snob. It was awesome. And so easy too. Here’s a link to the recipe that I used if you’re in the same dressing boat as me. Goodbye for now….

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One thought on “D-E-D dead

  1. Natalie says:

    Can’t believe I missed that. So sad. Sounds delicious, and here’s to a new computer soon.

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