Didn’t I just write a post discussing the cleanliness of my room?? Well, I guess it’s that time again. Time for my room to be a disaster. I’ve just kinda gotten used to it this way. Convenient? Definitely not, but who wants to spend their only free night this week cleaning their room? Not this girl. So instead, let’s take a look at some bits and pieces of my life this week…

I’ve gotta keep those baked goods stocked. Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day.Had the chance to grab dinner and a cappuccino with this girlMost random thing I saw all week. 3 fireman with 3 packages of diapers in their cart? (oops, I’m busted)

An attempted to make Parmesan cheese bowls to eat salad out of.Every day, there’s always coffee…

We hosted a Valentine’s Dinner at the coffee bar. This is as far as I got in an attempt to document it…potatoes.and dessertThis is us stuffing our faces with Pizza from Pizza Lounge after said dinner.My friends have the most ridiculously cute children…putting Ariyel to work labeling dressing cups

My screen when I finally got to go bed last night…eww.

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