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I’ve got a couple minutes to recap the week with you, if you’re interested. If not..sorry, it’s all I’ve got for ya.

It’s the last week for this drink board.

Doughnut Muffins…uh yes please.

Staring contests with this one…she’s tough.

The brains of my sewing machine.

Idle Rich Pub

Vintage Shopping

Straw Flowers…may be my new favorite

Antique Mall… love these tobacco tins.

And they had a wall of marching bass drums. REALLY wanted one.

Hanging with my Bluegrass friends (these guys are legit).

Donuts for breakfast

Oops. I caught the bouquet at a wedding on Saturday.

Then I threw it back.

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D-E-D dead

SO…my computer up and died. It finally bit the dust, at least for the time being. It’s served me well, but I was still rockin’ the ibook G4 series. Yeah, a bit old school but whatevs. My laptop was the first big purchase I ever made right after my first “real job.”  It’s been going into panic mode for sometime now and I was just hoping to squeeze every bit of life it had left out of it.  Surprise… life does go on with out a computer. Much less conveniently, but goes on none the less. I’m not sure when I’ll get another one, but for the moment my brother is letting me borrow his. Aw…isn’t that sweet. However when I say borrow for “a moment” I mean it, so hopefully I can keep up with some posts, but who knows. Grrr…. On a better note, I made homemade pizzas for the Wednesday Night Connection dinner that the coffee bar this week. I learned to make dough from scratch and put together a pretty mean BBQ chicken pizza. I also made a homemade ranch dressing for my own personal consumption because I am somewhat of a ranch snob. It was awesome. And so easy too. Here’s a link to the recipe that I used if you’re in the same dressing boat as me. Goodbye for now….

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Didn’t I just write a post discussing the cleanliness of my room?? Well, I guess it’s that time again. Time for my room to be a disaster. I’ve just kinda gotten used to it this way. Convenient? Definitely not, but who wants to spend their only free night this week cleaning their room? Not this girl. So instead, let’s take a look at some bits and pieces of my life this week…

I’ve gotta keep those baked goods stocked. Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day.Had the chance to grab dinner and a cappuccino with this girlMost random thing I saw all week. 3 fireman with 3 packages of diapers in their cart? (oops, I’m busted)

An attempted to make Parmesan cheese bowls to eat salad out of.Every day, there’s always coffee…

We hosted a Valentine’s Dinner at the coffee bar. This is as far as I got in an attempt to document it…potatoes.and dessertThis is us stuffing our faces with Pizza from Pizza Lounge after said dinner.My friends have the most ridiculously cute children…putting Ariyel to work labeling dressing cups

My screen when I finally got to go bed last night…eww.

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DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

I am watching the strangest show right now. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about it yet, but I can’t seem to stop watching. It’s a British show called “Supersized vs. Superskinny.” Basically, they’ve taken this guy who is extremely underweight with poor eating habits, and this girl who is overweight with equally poor eating habits, put them in a house together for a week and swapped each others diets. So the underweight kid has to eat what the overweight lady eats for a week and the overweight lady eats what the underweight kid eats for a week. Supposedly the point is to open their eyes to their own eating habits. Kinda weird, but seems to be working? Just in case that’s not enough, there’s also a segment on how big woman’s butts have gotten in Britain thrown in there. Complete with farm work, butt wraps and simulated surf boards, it’s a peculiar show to say the least. And just when I thought this show couldn’t get any stranger, there are now shirtless Chippin’ Dale dudes going to the grocery store to quiz people on which meal has the most calories. Wow.

Needless to say, neither caffeine pills for breakfast nor chips and chocolate for lunch are the reason why I’m writing this tonight.  I’ve got a simple little DIY project for you. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re hosting a dinner at the coffee bar. I decided we should probably get a little bit festive around here, so when I came across this idea for recycling glass bottles, I jumped on it (mostly because our recycling bin was beyond overflowing).  All you need is a glass bottle, some yarn in colors of your choice  (I chose a red wine and a cream colored yarn to stick with the V-day theme), a glue gun with several sticks of glue, and a pair of scissors. First decide on a pattern, I  chose just a basic pattern of red, white, red, white, every other row.
Starting at the bottom of the bottle, place a glob of hot glue and stick both ends of the yarn to the bottle. (I did both strands of yarn at the same time so I didn’t have to bother switching the colors back and forth each time, this saved a bunch of time) Continuing along the edge, keep adding glue then wrapping the yarn, pulling it tight to stick. Continue this all the way up to the top.  Cut the ends of the yarn and then attach them with a small dab of glue.  Easy as pie!  Actually MUCH easier than pie if you ask me.  These are so simple it’s almost addicting.  You can use these bottles for all types of decorating, but I put mine to use as flower vases on each of the cafe tables. So go ahead, get yourself a classic Coca-cola or a bottle of IBC root beer and then get crafting.

Gotta go, here comes another episode of this whacko show…

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