Man oh man, seems as if I’ve got myself a case of Blogger’s Block. Didn’t know that existed? Well, let me just tell you, it’s alive and well around here.  Over the past week or so I’ve found a few spare minutes to blog, so I sit down with my computer and…nothing.

Nothing from that little brain of mine.  There are no signals being sent from that creative orb in my skull to my stubby little fingers to do any kind of tapping on these keys.


I’ve tried to think about what I could share with you, something…anything, but there isn’t much interesting that’s happening around here.  Although now that I say that, I probably shouldn’t. Things are happening around here for sure, things such as my best friends moving their family from Texas to Kentucky within the next two weeks. That’s happening. I wish I could make it unhappen, but that’s not possible, so we’ve been trying to make the most of the time we have left here together before they pack it all up. On Monday we went for a late lunch/early dinner, call it what you’d like, at Urban Taco. I’d never been, but was pleasantly surprised. I’m kicking myself right now (see that, the brain still works just fine to sends signals to kick myself) for not taking a picture of my ever so aesthetically pleasing entree. It was Latin America in all it’s glory!

After food we did a little shopping and stopped for coffee at Oak Lawn Coffee. I had a Lavender Mocha, no one else appreciated it like I did, but that’s ok. I’m totally fine with that. We gathered on a couch for this photo op.

We finished the night/wee hours of the morning off with Boston Coolers,  (ooh…if you don’t know what those are you’re missing out and maybe since I’m in the midst of this blogging block I should write about those!!) chips and homemade salsa (Jeremy…really it wasn’t that bad!), a cheese and crackers plate with real ham, and MOST importantly Natalie and I officially earned our title of Euchre champions. This time was for keeps. A card laid is a card played….and we played those cards like a boss  errr…like bosses??

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3 thoughts on “Nothing…

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