A year in Instagram review

Here’s a look at 2011 through my Instagram pictures (in semi-chronological order)…

12. Cupcakes to celebrate my sister’s birthday

11. Road trip to Nashville

10. This little post about Joy, tried to work on that this year

9. Remember this cupcake party?

8. A trip to Austin with best friends to see the Railroad Revival Tour

7. Coffee, LOTS of coffee

6. Cornerstone Festival

5. Feathers, who can forget this summer full of feathers?

4. Leaving on a Jet plane (to celebrate my birthday!)

3. Kayaking

2. A Fresh Coast walk over the holidays

1. Bringing in the New Year with all night worship

So it’s rather difficult to review an entire year in 12 photos when there are so many to choose from. 2011 was a great year, but I’m looking forward to making 2012 count! This year I’m going to try to create more and buy less. Step outside my boundaries. Be positive. Be adventurous. Be healthy. Not be too hard on myself. Discover new things I love doing. Not procrastinate as much as I did last year. And focus on facing some of the things that make me anxious. What about you? Here’s to the start of something new…

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3 thoughts on “A year in Instagram review

  1. dancer4jesus says:

    That sounds great. I pray 2012 will be a great year for you

  2. […] (check out last year’s instagram review) […]

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