On the Road

 Chad and I loaded up The Burb on Tuesday and were Mitten bound around 11:00 pm.  The plan was to drive until we couldn’t stay awake any longer, pull over and catch a few hours of sleep and keep driving.

We made it through Texas and into Arkansas

This is actually a picture of the Arkansas welcome sign...so artsy in Arkansas

We had to stop for gas in Arkansas. Chad was sleeping, this took place around 4am. Of course I pulled over in the most creepy town possible at the time. That’s just how I roll. It didn’t make me feel any better when this van pulled up.

We survived Arkansas and beat the sun to Missouri

Next up Illinois

Thanks to several podcasts and this jar of apple cinnamon granola that I ungifted this year I made it through the night…awake!

yeah, I ate most of this jar

 Then there was Indiana

And finally Michigan!

We made it just in time for me to jump in the car with my mom and drive to Detroit to pick up my sister who was flying in from her trip to Haiti.  Being able to spend time with the family has been SO worth all the driving. I hope you all are getting to spend quality time with your loved ones. Soak it up.

Merry Christmas friends!


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