A Folky Collaboration

So a few weeks back, I got the chance to see Will Johnson and Sarah Jaffe perform at an art gallery in the area. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision to go. They were only selling 50 tickets to this show in order to keep it intimate with a house show feel. The website selling the tickets had a counter on it and every day I kept checking to see how many tickets were left. It got down to 2 tickets left and I couldn’t help myself, I decided I needed to be there. So glad that I went. It was a chill night with two really great singer/ songwriter/ musicians. They each played a few songs individually and then collaborated on each others music and performed some together. If you get a chance, you should definitely check them out.

::When not fronting Centro-matic or South San Gabriel, prolific independent-folk-rock maestro Will Johnson records solo albums, paints, and plays drums with Monsters of Folk::

:: Jaffe burst onto Denton’s indie scene in a big way during the late 2000s, making memorable live appearances at venues like the Austin City Limits festival and winning recognition in several categories at the Dallas Observer Music Awards::

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