Apple of My Chai

Looks like we’re supposed to get a cold front in tonight.  Finally, it just might feel like fall for a day or two around here! I’ve been dreaming of a drop in temperatures and I’m ready to greet the 50’s with arms wide open (yeah, kinda like Scott Stapp was ready to greet his new born baby and show him everything), even if it is only for a day.

Fall in these parts of Texas just isn’t the same as it is back home. I miss the changing colors, the crisp air that always seems to smell like burning leaves, the apple orchards, the pumpkin farms… It’s just doesn’t compare and it makes me kinda sad that I miss it. However, all is NOT lost. I’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ for you. When nature doesn’t bring you autumn in Texas, you’re gonna have to bring it to yourself.

There’s this drink that I’ve kinda got a crush on. It makes me feel like fall is here. It helps me forget for just a minute that I’m not surrounded by changing leaves and makes me contemplate whether I should wear that beanie yet or not. This drink is so simple, yet tastes so autumnly delicious.  I’m even willing to let you in on a coffee bar secret. SSssshhhh…don’t tell everyone. Ok, fine, tell whoever you want, just make this drink. We like to call it the “Apple of My Chai.” I’ve got not one, but two ways for you to make this drink. I had one of these over ice yesterday, because Midlothian doesn’t have a clue that it’s already the end of October and it was 85 degrees outside. So to make this tasty treat cold, what you’re gonna do is first grab a cup. Second, fill this cup a third of the way with chai concentrate. I prefer the Oregon Chai concentrate, but go ahead use whatever kind that tickles your fancy. Yeah, I just said tickles your fancy, I sure did.  Next, add apple cider until the cup is two-thirds full. Add some ice and top it off the rest of the way with club soda. Stick a straw in it and you’ve got yourself a chilled autumn beverage.

For those of you in chilly parts of the country, or here in Texas for the next two days, you might want to try a variation of this drink hot. Measure equal parts of the Chai concentrate and apple cider.  I think you should add about 2 Tbs of caramel sauce to this as well, but that just might be me. Dump the contents into a pan and warm it up on your stove top.  If you’re really impatient, you could always just heat it up in your trusty microwave.  This warm concoction should be enjoyed in a ceramic mug for full effectiveness. Go ahead, try it. See if you can resist the urge to want to jump in a pile of leaves while drinking this.


Apple Cider= Delicious

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