Beach Glass Expedition

I don’t know how all you bloggers out there do it. I have to hand it to you, take my hat off to you, whatever it is you say.  I cannot keep this thing up to date. It’s because I’m too wordy isn’t it?  I knew it. I was hoping to be able to write about all things my birthday, but life happens too fast. Now it’s kinda weird to be writing about the events of last month seeing that they’ve come and gone already. Please, someone share your secrets?!? For now I’m gonna try to keep it short and sweet and see if I can wrap this up.

While I was checking things off of my birthday list, my mom mentioned something that she had on her list of things to do this summer. She had heard from a coworker that you could find beach glass along the shore near the doctor’s office where she works.  So we decided to seize the moment and go on a little beach glass expedition. It was quite successful! The very first piece my mom picked up was a cobalt blue color. Her coworker informed her that that was a rare find and it must be her lucky day.

We found several other great pieces of the sanded glass in an array of colors.  I brought along my newly traded Nine West purse from a purse exchange we had attended the night before. My mom of course made fun of me, but it definitely came in handy for carrying all of our finds.

We were really lucky in mainly one spot, the coworker’s theory had to do with the placement of the dock and the current of the water…yada yada.  My theory is the bar that happens to be directly behind this little treasure trove of beach glass, coincidence?? Either way, it was a great way to spend an hour or so that afternoon. I asked my mother what else was on her list of things to do this summer, she informed me that was it.  The one and only thing. Well that takes care of that I guess. Easy smeezy.

I filled a vase with my share of the beach glass along with some drift wood, some feathers and pieces of pottery that I’ve collected. It’s nice to have a little reminder of the beach, my home in Michigan and the memories of such a great day.


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