Eight days. Ocho. Oh-8. Eight and feeling great. Sure, whatever you say. It’s true though, I am getting excited for my birthday. Not for the whole getting older part (if you hadn’t figured that out already right?), but for the part where I get to go on vacation! In 4 days, I’m catching a plane to a land dripping with fresh air and mild temperatures. I’m dreaming of wearing denim on my legs and knitwear on my arms. It has been ruthlessly hot here in Texas this summer, dang. The weather has not shown us an ounce of mercy, nope not one.  No pity either. I think it enjoys kicking us when we’re down, day after every single day. The duo that is Listener, has a lyric in one of their songs (ironically titled “I don’t want to live forever”) that says, “There’s a crazy old lady in the sun, she’s angry can’t you feel it?” I like to add “and she hates Dallas” at the end of it, I feel it’s totally appropriate.  Anyway, Michigan…home sweet home, looking forward to it and getting a chance to see my family, feels way overdue. Just for the record I wasn’t planning on writing this post about the weather, that just kinda happened. So for the real reason I’m updating tonight, the list….

6. Road Trip– In January, I was able to cross road trip off my list! I got to take a really fun trip with a special group of ladies to Nashville Tennessee. The story goes, that back in November, some of my friends from church put on a conference for girls in the area. I was given the opportunity to hang out and be a group leader for the weekend.  Also at said conference was Stella, the founder of SKAD, along with Ashley and Bethany two lovely ladies who are involved with the organization as well.  Little did I know that night, that 2 months later I’d be crammed in the backseat of Ashley’s car “Bella” up to my knees in snacks, driving through the night on our way to Nashville to spend the weekend with strangers. We didn’t really go with a plan, luckily we got hooked up with an old Ryfo house through some random Cornerstone contacts and it actually turned out to be a really great bonding trip. If you know me at all, you may know that spontaneous road tripping is right up my alley, but with three girls I barely know?? Yikes! That’s like pulling teeth from my introverted mouth.  Despite my (non-official) anti-social disorder, I am really so glad we made it happen and thankful for the new friendships that have transpired because of it.

Nashville with new friends

7. Plant something- Well, well, well…I have and have not planted something. Being the nerd that I am, I did take a gardening class this summer (got a deal on Groupon, oh yeah). So technically I did plant somethings, I planted sweet potatoes and tomatoes. I just didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of my labor seeing that they were planted in my teacher’s garden. I do have some plans for a fall square foot garden under my stairs, but we’ll see about that, fingers crossed. I did transplant some house plants into pots, does that count??

8. Finish a knitting project– Woohoo! I did it! I actually finished a knitting project. I can hardly believe it myself. I like to knit, I really do. I’m just not very good at it. I knit when I’m supposed to purl and I purl when I’m supposed to knit, and don’t even ask me what row I’m on, because I lost count about 18 rows back, I’m just totally guessing. And really, is gauging your project actually necessary? Who does that anyway? Here’s a picture of my humble headband.  Not perfect by any means, but totally done!

9. Read 5 books- Which brings us to number 9, a number that I can not get so excited about. Read 5 books. A person should totally be able to read at least 5 books in one year! Officially, I’ve read one whole book. I hesitate even telling you guys that, because it’s actually rather embarrassing. What kind of person doesn’t read? I will say the one book that I did read was really good and I’ve been tempted to read it again.  However, I told myself it wouldn’t count as a second book so I haven’t. Now don’t think this is me giving up, I have several (and when I say several I mean it) books in the waiting room. Yep, books just hanging out waiting for me to pick them up and read them. I’ve been reading “Mountains Beyond Mountains” for going on two years now, but I can’t just give up on it. I’m also half way finished with “Living With Less” and someone just gave me the book “The Help.” So I’m still hoping there’s a slight possibility that I could accomplish this goal sometime in the near future. My friend Crystal volunteered me to read the Dr. Seuss book “Oh the Places You Will Go” aloud at the graduation banquet we had.  She says I can totally count that book, so I totally am…Sam I am. I’ll update you on any further progress involving this task.

10. Get a tattoo- Ahhhh! I still can’t decide if I really want to go through with this one or not. My brother even offered to pay for it for my birthday. I know what you’re thinking, but come on people it’s forever…that’s a huge decision! I’m just thankful I never went through with it the other times I really really wanted a tattoo. I have a feeling I wouldn’t be digging that Sisqó inspired sun tattoo so much at this point in my life.

Thinking about sister feather tattoos with some script...feathers are kinda trendy right now though, so I don't know maybe overdone?

So that’s enough for tonight, I can feel age setting in as I type this.  It’s 1:15am and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Geez…pretty soon I’ll be wearing flannel night gowns and braiding my hair before I “hit the hay” at dusk.

Goodnight John Boy.

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