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“29” and almost out of time.

So D-day is inching closer and closer. I can feel 30 trying to crawl on me, eew. It’s a sneaky one, that age is. You tell yourself you’re still young, you still feel like a twenty-something, you can still hang with the cool kids… but then ever so slowly age comes creeping up on you. At first you don’t know it’s there, you might catch a glimpse of it lurking in a dark corner, or catch it’s shadow drifting by every now and again, but before you know it, you find yourself tangled in it’s silky web watching as it feasts on your youthfulness for dinner.
I’m trying to embrace it, really I am. Haha…can’t you tell:). I guess it doesn’t really matter if I want to embrace it or not, it’s gonna get me here soon. So I thought we should take a look at that little to-do list I made a few months back and see how it’s coming along.

1.Journal more– Well, I’m not sure how many times I’ve written in an actual journal since this time last year, but my goal was to write more and record some of my thoughts and musings on my life. This makes 27 posts that I’ve written on this blog. Not all that impressive.  I would say however, journal more especially with the lack of specifics as to how much that really is, has been successful. Hopefully I can keep it up plus some in this next year.

2. Get an iphoneGot an iphone the old fashioned way. I saved up my tips from work for several months until I had enough cash saved, plus a deal for an upgrade. Merry Christmas to myself. Getting an iphone happened to be one of the first things crossed off the list.

3. See Mumford and Sons liveWhen I put this on my list, I didn’t know that the opportunity to see Mumford + Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros + Old Crow Medicine Show would actually be obtainable. I honestly thought it would be one of the things I just put on there as a hopeful, but didn’t expect for it to really happen. Fortunately it did happen and The Railroad Revival Tour was a great time.  You can read about it in the Keep Austin Awesome and Keep Austin Awesome (some more) posts.

4. Get a camera (any kind) This one is kinda weird. Okay, get a camera of any kind. Don’t bother taking pictures with it or anything, just get a camera? Well, with the purchase of my iPhone, the camera was kind of a given. I did also buy an old school disposable camera last spring and took a few pictures while out and about.  I should probably find it and get that film developed…story of my life from about 1993-2003. Now-a-days you can check out my iphone photos by following me on Instagram.

5. Go camping This one gets to be crossed off twice.  Camping trip #1…My brother and I, along with some friends spent the weekend camping for free at Pace Bend State Park when we went to Austin for the RRR Tour. Camping trip #2…In June I went as a leader with some of the youth from my church to Cornerstone music festival in Bushnell Illinois. We spent a long, HOT, week living it up in tents. You can read about that here and here.

Well, I’d say the first 5 are enough for tonight. I’ll continue to fill you in on how the list is coming along and whether or not I’m going to get it all accomplished in the next 12 days!! Until then…goodnight.

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This cookie will change your life.

I’m just going to start by letting you know it’s been an emotional few days around here for me. Weird, because I’m usually the last one to let their emotions get the best of them, but seriously it’s been one thing after another in my life lately. No worries though, things are looking up and I’m slowly chipping away at some stuff that needed attention.

So I thought what better time to post a delicious comforting recipe than now? I mean besides ice cream what could be better at clearing up those tears than a big fat chocolate chip cookie right? Oh wait….this isn’t your ordinary chocolate chip cookie. You didn’t think I would just post a recipe from the back of the TollHouse bag did you? Shame on you. Yeah, this cookie is coming to kick your butt and take names…it’ll make you wonder how you never thought of it before and how you’ve lived your life up until now oblivious. At least that’s how I felt when I first saw this combination.

This is like our beloved chocolate chip cookie on steroids, like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of cookies. With arrogance and an Austrian accent, it turns to your measly cookie jar, flexes its muscles and says something like “Hasta la vista baby…” or “You’ve been erased.” This cookie isn’t playing games. Now that I’ve talked it up are you ready for it?

Chocolate Chip cookie meet the Oreo. Yep, stuff that Oreo right in between your cookie dough and don’t look back. Really, it’s the easiest thing in the world, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. Well, actually I didn’t really even think of it, I saw it somewhere else on the interweb, but I thought I should let you in on this phenomenon. These things sell like hotcakes around the coffee bar.

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

Take your absolute favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, (I’d give you mine, but then who would come to buy my cookies?) place small disks of cookie dough onto your lined baking sheet. Press it down so it’s flat. Place an Oreo cookie on top of it, cover with another disk of cookie dough. I press the edges together just to be sure the Oreo gets swallowed by the cookie. Bake at 350 for about 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Wallah…you’ve got yourself a beefed up cookie that I promise will impress all your friends and might even make you consider forgiving Arnold Schwarzenegger for the movie “Junior.” Happy baking!!

Too easy


Milk is NOT an option, but a necessity!

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Am I Living?

Do you ever have that strange feeling that one day you’re gonna wake up and find yourself starring in your own version of the Truman Show? I just had that weird feeling tonight while washing dishes at work.  Sometimes it really freaks me out that I’m alive, I’m a human being living on earth. Living, breathing, thinking, talking, eating, interacting with other human beings. How weird is it when you really stop and think about it?  I mean, what is life? What are we really living for? James says, “…yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” We’re here for some years and then we’re gone. This scares me actually. Not necessarily the idea of dying, but the idea of not living while I’m alive.  I think about this often. Especially with a big birthday coming up, I’m always afraid I’m wasting my life. Sure, I have great moments here and there and I realize that not everyday is going to be crazy and adventurous, but we only get to live once.  So I guess the question is, what is living??

As I type this, my brother is actually packing a backpack full of gear getting ready to head to Colorado with some friends.  They’re going to spend the next couple of days  hiking up Longs Peak, one of Colorado’s “fourteeners.” Sounds exhilarating. Makes me think…climbing mountains, is that living??

Some of my best friends are currently finishing up a road trip from Texas to Canada and back the round about way. They’ve seen some amazing sights and breathed the fresh air…road trips, fresh water beaches, evergreens…is that living??

At one point in my life I had a career.  Like I actually went to something like 5 1/2 years of college (sore subject, don’t ask), earned a degree and got a job that people like to call a profession. A job that made pretty decent money and made me feel more like an actual adult. Something with a retirement plan, money to pay my bills, convenient schedule…so money in the bank and paid vacations…is that living??

I had dinner with some friends recently who tour in a band. They get to “live the dream” or so people say.  Living it up, traveling, playing music, always new places and new faces. Sure they don’t make any money, but they’re rock stars right?? Just to be clear, that’s totally not what they’re about, but from the world’s perspective they’ve supposedly got it made. Living out of a van, adding to the collection of tour laminates on your carabiner, plugging in-rocking out…is that living??

I guess “living” has a different definition to everyone, but there’s just always been this ache or nagging so to speak in my spirit to make the most of life. To see the world, to make life long friends, to invest in people, to experience the fullness of the freedom we have in Christ. Not the freedom to make stupid decisions or to cheapen His grace, but the freedom to take pleasure in a full life. I feel like we spend too much time working or being busy with things that don’t really matter.  As a society we’ve come to accept that you should spend your days trying to make something of yourself, working to obtain “stuff.” Whatever the “stuff” is in your life that you work for. Things that are eventually going to be outdated so you have to work some more to get the newer version. Things that are just going to end up at Goodwill someday anyway. Instead of slowing down and enjoying life. That’s just a bit of my rant, I’ll spare you my random thoughts.  Some days I feel like I’m accomplishing life, others not so much. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? I just can’t stop thinking about it. Or maybe I just suffer from anxiety and should see a doctor?? Who knows?

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