“For I’m a part of the family…”

Sometimes I cook things in bulk.  I’ve somehow fallen into the role of Lighthouse cook within the past year when it comes to the youth group or the venue. I don’t necessary mind, it’s just all a little new to me ya know.  Last year I cooked meals for the youth group while we were at Cornerstone and I tell you what…those kids ate good for camping. I tried to get creative and think beyond PB&J and Ramen noodles (although Ramen is a staple at Cornerstone) and we certainly did. This year however I decided that I spent way too much time and money trying to figure out what we were going to eat, preparing food, cooking food, serving food, cleaning up…it just wasn’t worth it. So this year we tried to cut back a little. Yeah…we still had too much food. I had this bright idea to make bags of chili ahead of time and just pack them in the cooler.  Sunday night before the group left I spent all night making huge batches of chili in my little kitchen. It was a mess to say the least.

It turned out pretty good though and saved loads of time. We had so much chili!  One  of the nights we were there, the Anchor tent was going to host dinner for the Come & Live bands and anyone else who wanted to join, but needed someone to volunteer a grill and the sorts.  Exactly the kinda thing our group loves to do, so we willingly volunteered our grill, our services and all of our extra chili! I got to wo-man the grill for quite some time and serve the nastiest soy/filler cheeseburgers I’ve ever tasted, to all kinds of appreciative people. The burgers were pretty gross, actually really gross, but it didn’t matter.  It was probably one of my favorite memories from Cornerstone this year.  I mentioned in my last post the sense of community that you feel at Cornerstone. It really is like none other I’ve felt before.  Somehow all these different types of people can come together in one place, some familiar faces, others complete strangers yet there’s an underlying commonality. We’re all taking different approaches at life, but all striving towards the same goal, it’s kinda beautiful. Feels like a giant family, which I’m pretty sure is what God had intended for the church in the first place. (Anybody happen to know where I took the title of this post from?)

Seriously disgusting:)

Lots of chili!!

View from the grill...random I know.

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4 thoughts on ““For I’m a part of the family…”

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