“God Gave Rock and Roll To You”

Fact…It’s been waaayyy too long since I’ve updated this blog.

Fact…I’m really sorry about that. I really am.

Fact…it’s 11:30 on Saturday night.

Fact…as I write this blog I’m watching a Petra documentary on TBN.

Fact…I’m kinda digging it. Don’t judge. Ok, so I might actually love Petra now, this just gave me a whole new appreciation. They’re such cute old guys now.

So since that last post a few things have happened.  Ironically, seeing Classic Petra live is actually one of the things I’ve been up to. Two weeks ago I went with my friends from SKAD and some of the youth from my church to Cornerstone Music Festival in Bushnell Illinois.  I’m not going to go into all the details that make up Cornerstone, but just to give you a mental picture, let’s say camping in a field surrounded by cornfields, lots of sweaty hippie/punk/goth/hipster people, dust…lots of dust, constant music, no showers (oh wait, that’s just me), God, God, God, community that’s really unlike any other sense of community.

And for a picture that’s more visual and less mental….

From top left to right….1. Sean Michel plays some serious blues/southern rock on the Arkansas Stage (yes, I think his beard might be touching his belly button). 2. Listener, it’s true I may have seen their set more than once, if you haven’t already checked them out, do it. 3. That’s my brother dragging Ashley and I into the rave tent, we don’t dance. 4. That’s Ashley looking all cute behind the wheel of the 15 passenger. 5. One of the best moments of my trip, sunrise on the road…twice. 6. Lakeside worship at sunset, a Lighthouse youth Cornerstone tradition. 7. Metal lots of metal. 8. The Anchor tent…our favorite. 9. In the Midst of Lions 10. The SKAD group on our way out of Tyler.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you tonight. I’ll leave you with this quote from Greg Volz, (so maybe you feel as if you’re watching the documentary with me) talking in regards to our walk with God, why they feel called to a reunion tour and their hope to reach some the thousands of “prodigal sons” that have tasted the goodness of God and walked away. He says, “Just remember, you’re never disqualified for falling, you’re only disqualified if you quit.” Ok, goodnight.

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2 thoughts on ““God Gave Rock and Roll To You”

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