You should make this for breakfast

I made brunch today. I also took a picture of it so I thought I should share. Share the picture that is…the food is long gone. So sorry, but you should totally come over some time and we’ll make delicious food. In the meantime, here’s what you should do. It’s so easy and sooo delicious. Put some buttery, flaky biscuits in the oven, only takes about 15 minutes. While you wait, cook up some sausage patties, top with a little cheese of your choice. I put goat cheese on mine because that’s how I roll. Fry up an egg. Unless of course you are like my brother and only eat your eggs scrambled. By all means cook your eggs however you want to eat them! Add a slice of tomato, some honey and if you’re really lucky a few slices of avocado. I unfortunately wasn’t that lucky today, but most definitely next time. Wallah…there you have it. That other mysterious blob on my plate is actually some leftover garlic mashed potatoes from the night before heated up in the frying pan. I cooked for some bands, 30 boys actually. Sounds like a dream and a nightmare all in one eh? I should write about it. I just might.

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