Keep Austin Awesome (some more)

Part 2 of Austin, I’ll make it short and sweet….maybe. Day 2 we decided to find a spot on the beach at the park we were camping in to fly our friends’ kite.  This is not what you’re thinking. This kite is not the little diamond shaped plastic cutout with the bows tied down the tail that Ben Franklin made famous. This kite is a Power Kite, made for the more serious kiter. We took it for it’s first water flight.

Here we are in awe of the kite and all it’s beauty:)

After kiting, we decided to head to Hamilton Pool. Hamilton Pool is a nature preserve about 30 minutes west of Austin. Supposedly thousands of years ago the dome of an underground river collapsed due to massive erosion creating a great swimming hole with a 45ft waterfall. It was seriously beautiful. You have to hike about a 1/4 of a mile to get to it and then it’s like you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise or something. So maybe not quite tropical, but still pretty darn amazing.

I was actually quite frightened of what kind of creatures might be swimming in the water with us.  I was not at all put to ease when we spotted this guy sunbathing on the rocks right near the waterfall.
We grabbed some lunch at the famous “Torchy’s Tacos” at the Trailer Park Eatery. Food from a trailer or a truck is all the rage now-a-days I guess.

Which brings us to the reason we journeyed to Austin in the first place…The Railroad Revival Tour! (I wrote a bit about it in Keep Austin Awesome)  Not gonna lie, it was hot and crowed, the girls next to me were smoking an illegal substance. One of them had to be carried out of the show because she was so out of it she couldn’t stand up, but nonetheless it was totally worth it!!  Next time however,  I will probably just join the hippie party outside the fence and enjoy the show for free.

The vintage train they came on

Here’s a little sampling of the show. THESE ARE NOT MY VIDEOS. I didn’t post any of the Old Crow performance sorry, I do however recommend that you go listen to ‘Wagon Wheel’ and then you’ll want to listen to it again. The first video is of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Not necessarily any of the songs that have made them famous, but there weren’t really too many videos to choose from and this one shows an amazing cloud that was over head during their set. For more of their popular stuff you should look up ‘Home’ or ’40 day dream.’

This one is of Mumford and Sons and yes, that’s the Austin High School marching band on stage with them performing “The Cave.”

This was the grand finale, this video goes on and on and on for like 6, almost 7 minutes.  Watch it all if you want, or just a few minutes, you’ll get the idea.
This trip was short and sweet, but overall I’d have to say we give it 4 thumbs up!!

All the photos in this post were also taken by Natalie, except for the train, taken with the good ole’ iphone.


4 thoughts on “Keep Austin Awesome (some more)

  1. Natalie says:

    Awesome recap. I even learned somethings I never knew. Fabulous fun, fantastic trip, and forever friends (I had to think of another f adjetive)

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