Portrait of Christ

Happy Easter Ya’ll! That’s how they say it in Texas. I try really hard not to say ya’ll. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it just feels weird rolling off the tongue. I mean I get it, it makes sense.  It just doesn’t come naturally. Maybe it’s just me trying to preserve a little bit of my “Yankee” self.  Although I had never really heard the term “Yankee” used to label people  (unless of course you were getting paid the big bucks to hit home runs and such) until I moved south either, hmmm… I’m not even sure why I went on this tangent, but it’s 3am and I told my self I was going to sleep 2.5 hours ago.  That might have something to do with it. Anyway, I stopped by here just to post this little video I came across. It is “Resurrection Day” and all. Enjoy.

The video is by Jeremy Cowart (if you aren’t familiar with his photography you should be, and probably are but just don’t realize it) and the music is by Derek Webb (I really loved Caedmon’s Call back in the day, the songs Derek did were usually my favorites. His last album is an instrumental electronic concept based on the Lord’s Prayer. Interesting.)

And if you want more to contemplate on the Easter subject, you could read this article posted by the Come&Live label. Good stuff.

Easter and Enemies

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