It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine …I’m freaking out.

So I have this little project that I’ve been working on. As you may or may not know, in 4 short months my life is going to be over.  O.k, so that might be a little bit over dramatic, but really for some reason I’ve got it in my head that turning 30 is going to be the end of the world for me. I know…it’s really not, I’m not really going to change drastically in 4 months, but I’m still freaking out.

I just feel like when you’re 30 you really should have yourself together. By thirty you’re supposed to be married, have kids, have a career, you know the house with the white picket fence and the whole nine yards (or at least 2 acres of land).  I should be dreaming of mini vans and play-dates, taking kids to soccer practice and joining the PTO. When you’re thirty, you should be done with your 20-something shenanigans. You should be mature, full of confidence, totally take charge right? Yeah, that’s sooo not me. Should a 30 year old still be going to shows, staying out way too late, sleeping in late, getting fashion inspiration from college kids, saying things like, “that’s legit” or “whatevs?” I suppose catching up on the last couple seasons of One Tree Hill is out of the question and I’ll probably have to trade in America’s Next Top Model for something like America’s Next Top Chef. Sigh.

30.  Seems so old, like I’d never actually get there. I always had this strange premonition that I would die young…guess I was wrong. I’m ok with being wrong. It’s just weird I guess that I can remember by parents being 30. Anyway, enough about that and on with this project. I might need a little help. I’ve tried to compile a list of 29 things to do before I’m 30. I’ve only got 20. I know, totally lame.  I tried to think of things that were actually obtainable, but some things that I don’t necessarily do all the time so that I would actually have to make an effort to complete them. Here’s what I’ve got so far, let me know if you’ve got any other ideas that I can add to the list.  (In no particular order)

1. Journal more

2. Get an iphone

3. See Mumford and Sons live

4. Get a camera (any kind)

5. Go camping

6. Road Trip

7. Plant something

8. Paint something

9. Finish a knitting project

10. Read 5 books

11. Get a tattoo

12. Start an Etsy shop

13. Save some money

14. Go to Canton

15. Run a 5k

16. Write and send some snail mail

17. Take a hike

18. Fly a kite (so this one I actually did and then added to the list so I could cross it off, does that still count?)

19. Watch the sunrise

20. Watch the sunset (intentionally)

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4 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine …I’m freaking out.

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  3. […] Eight days. Ocho. Oh-8. Eight and feeling great. Sure, whatever you say. It’s true though, I am getting excited for my birthday. Not for the whole getting older part (if you hadn’t figured that out already right?), but for the part where I get to go on vacation! In 4 days, I’m catching a plane to a land dripping with fresh air and mild temperatures. I’m dreaming of wearing denim on my legs and knitwear on my arms. It has been ruthlessly hot here in Texas this summer, dang. The weather has not shown us an ounce of mercy, nope not one.  No pity either. I think it enjoys kicking us when we’re down, day after every single day. The duo that is Listener, has a lyric in one of their songs (ironically titled “I don’t want to live forever”) that says, “There’s a crazy old lady in the sun, she’s angry can’t you feel it?” I like to add “and she hates Dallas” at the end of it, I feel it’s totally appropriate.  Anyway, Michigan…home sweet home, looking forward to it and getting a chance to see my family, feels way overdue. Just for the record I wasn’t planning on writing this post about the weather, that just kinda happened. So for the real reason I’m updating tonight, the list…. […]

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