“Rivers and Roads”

So Saturday night I decided that Erin and I should hit up the Granada Theater to catch a set by a new favorite band, The Head and The Heart. I was overly excited when I found out that she would be in town on the date because I really wanted to go, just not by myself.  So after the cupcake fiasco we headed up to Lower Greenville in Dallas and found a spot in line amidst a sea of hipsters. Not long after, it was brought to our attention that the show was…dundundun…SOLD OUT!  Sad day, sad day indeed. I was really looking forward to seeing The Head and The Heart live, here’s why:

This is what we missed out on, this video was taken at the show at the Granada which we were not hipster enough to attend (we did attempt to sneak in the backdoor, but unfortunately some members of the stage crew were taking their smoke breaks at that time directly in front of the open door…fail).

Here they are performing one of my favorites. Be careful it will be stuck on repeat in your head…for days.

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One thought on ““Rivers and Roads”

  1. Messy Mom says:

    Sorry you didn’t get in 😦 I like that guys talking voice (his singing voice is good too, but I just like the way he talks).

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