“the cupcake boss”

So I know you don’t necessarily need a play by play of my sister’s visit to the Lone-star state, but I did say I would get you some more details, so here we go. If you’re under the impression that Erin’s break somehow revolved around food, than you’re on to us! It’s true, we like food. We like food a lot. When you live in northern Michigan you don’t get many options when it comes to dining. Especially if you’re wanting some tacos, maybe some enchiladas, a big ass burrito…you’re just not gonna find it, at least not like you do in Texas. Thursday and Friday were rather uneventful, we found a deal for BOGO Chipotle burritos, which I guess is an event in itself. You had to go watch a trailer for a new show on NBC called America’s Next Great Restaurant, then “like” their page on Facebook and print your coupon.  Easier said than done without a printer, but we managed.

Later, Erin and my friend Liz went to Uptown to get pedicures. They had quite the adventure and both went away with freestyle nail art on their toes as a result of an impromptu nail art throw down and practically a marriage proposal. We finished off Thursday night with Chad at B-dubs (a.k.a. Buffalo Wild Wings) with fifty cent boneless wings and a nice theological conversation about life, love, happiness, the pursuit of God… you know your typical sports bar banter.

I’m skipping Friday, because this really isn’t all that interesting to read.

Which brings us to Saturday. Remember my little cupcake project? The one where I was going to make some cupcakes for my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party? Some cupcakes may be an understatement. I’m pretty sure there ended up being a total somewhere around seventy cupcakes and one GIANT cupcake. I may have gone a wee bit overboard which I tend to do. A lot. Most everything I set out to do also takes much more time than I plan. I spent a good majority of Saturday morning/afternoon making Swiss Meringue Buttercream and ordering my “assistant” around.  The Lighthouse kitchen was Cupcake Central and I was the grand master or the “cupcake boss” which is what Erin chose to call me all day. Here’s a behind the scenes picture…crunch time.

everyone’s a little crazy in the kitchen

I ended up with 5 types of cupcakes in all, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coconut and snicker-doodle. Along with 3 different frostings. The double chocolate cupcakes were the crowd favorite and also the first chocolate that the birthday girl has ever indulged in.  I have a feeling it’s all down hill from here for her, I could see it in her eyes.  I do have to give Erin some mad props for her cupcake arranging, she’s really good at presentation and staging things so that was her task, along with ensuring that the GIANT cupcake got transported safely from Midlo to Waxahachie.

ensuring safe transportation

Erin "staging" the cupcakes

Here’s a look at the cupcakes before they made their way to the party and a picture of the party set up.  If you want more pictures of this fabulous celebration you can find them here and here at The Messy Mom. She’s an actual photographer so her photos make the cupcakes look great, my iphone just gets the job done. You should totally check out the birthday girl’s wardrobe changes while you’re at it…too cute.


more cupcakes!

even more cupcakes!

The party table

The soundtrack to this post…The David Wax Museum and The Dodos ‘No color’…go, listen. Someday you’ll thank me.

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4 thoughts on ““the cupcake boss”

  1. Natalie says:

    I am glad you let your sister know when the blog is up so that I can check it out. Thanks for links. And thank you for helping with the party. I think your iphone pictures are great, I’ve enjoyed them very much. Also, if you remember food is what brought us all together (well you and Erin and Becca were already together).

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  3. […] is, not everyone is up and up on their Mexo-Americana I know (although this isn’t their first mention). This made me really excited. Like more excited than I’ve been in awhile excited. […]

  4. […] ended up making it for just about the last 2 songs. Still worth it. If you know us at all, you know the expanse of our love for Chipotle. We decided since we were already so far down state we might as well drive 45 minutes further south […]

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