Locked Out

Have you ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach the second you lock your car door and slam it shut?…Oh crap, my keys.  Yeah, I’m rather used to that feeling actually. I would say I’ve probably locked my keys in my car a total (give or take a few) of 5 times over the years. It just happened again. I don’t know what the average is, but I feel like 5 might be a lot. Luckily I’ve never had to pay someone to come and rescue me, for that I’m thankful (knock on wood). My friend and I did try to get help from a police officer once, but he didn’t really seem to care that two young ladies were stranded in the Starbuck’s parking lot at 11:00pm with no one else around.  Whatever Mr. Po Po, we don’t need your help anyway because we’ve got an old pop up window shade,  the patience of Job, and a little mad skill. I’ve locked my keys in my car enough that I carry a spare key in my wallet just in case.  It doesn’t help when you leave your purse in the car. Oops.

Lucky for me tonight, I had a spare key at home on the bookshelf and people around to give me a ride to go and get it. No big deal this time thank goodness.  Speaking of getting locked out, I did get locked out of the house the other day.  That was a little more work trying to break in and climb through my bedroom window. I had a few bruises for the next couple of days, which made the story a little more interesting, but that’s a whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother day.

Anybody have any good “locked out” stories?

P.S.- Has anyone checked out the moon the past couple of nights? Spectacular!! Looks like it belongs on an old movie set.

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2 thoughts on “Locked Out

  1. Martha says:

    Check with Wendy. She’s got a good “locked out” story on any given day. Only to be outdone by the loss of the keys/wallet/cell phone stories.

  2. […] a church function just isn’t complete without someone locking their keys in their car right? At least it wasn’t me this time. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in Brother, Family, Food, […]

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