We ♥ Waffle Fries

Wow…this week somehow grew wings and flew by, leaving my hair blowing in the wind as it breezed right on past. Ha! Who am I trying to kid, since I decided to try dreading my hair it doesn’t really blow in the wind anymore.

On Tuesday night, my sister Erin flew in to spend her spring break with me and our brother Chad (unfortunately not on the days of the week, which come to think of it would have been much cheaper).  Erin is currently studying her brains out in order to earn a degree in nursing. She’s only 2 months away from graduation so a few days away from the stresses of her everyday life are just what she needed.  We tried our best to squeeze in as much Texas as we could before she had to head back to the mitten this morning.

We started the party around 11:30pm on Tuesday night.  Being the great siblings that we are, Chad and I made her wait at DFW for an hour after she landed before we could come to pick her up. It was worth the wait though, because after the airport we headed to the Pizza Lounge to share a large Classic Flip and lounge around on their leopard print couches.

(This is Erin.  I’m still trying to remember that I have a camera on my phone and should use it. So sorry, no pictures of us together or any of us at the Pizza Lounge)

Wednesday…Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! We made the mistake of thinking Wednesday was free FRYday at Chick-fil-a.  I can only think of two explanations as to why we would have done such a thing. 1. Laziness. We were both too lazy to actually click on the links that people had posted on Facebook regarding Chick-fil-a giving away their beloved waffle fries to actually read to see what was going on.  2. I have to believe that subconsciously we knew that free FRYday would make the most promotional sense on a day like… FRIday. We just needed an excuse to make the trip.  Once you’ve made it there, obviously there’s no turning back. We got to enjoy waffle fries AND conversation with one of our dearest friends Natalie.  So in the end we agree that Chick-fil-a waffle fries are delicious however you get a hold of them. Whether they’re free or just a good excuse to hang with friends…get some.

More on Erin’s visit hopefully later this week, but no promises, still trying to get the hang of this thing.

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3 thoughts on “We ♥ Waffle Fries

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well i guess that beats really wanting chik-fil-a, driving up on a sunday and realizing Oh snap it’s SUNDAY~ =( and then having to settle for something less than their sweet tea, chick’n, and oh yes Yummy Waffle Fries! =)

  2. Natalie says:

    That is the worse. Thanks for hanging out with me. I thought about it the moment the guy looked at me strange and I said “Free Friday” I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. No big deal. At least you got a free coke. I hope.

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