Take Away (all of my time) Shows

Just gonna take a minute to post a little somethin’ somethin’  about one of my favorite things. This is something I discovered in November, on Thanksgiving actually.  I spent most of Thanksgiving day watching video after video of La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows.  I know, you’re wondering, what in the heck is a Take Away Show?
(taken from their website) Take Away Shows exist since April 2006. There was Chryde, who wanted to shake things up and find another way to share music, and there was Vincent Moon, who wanted to film music differently. Chryde offered Moon to go and film musicians in the city, Moon seized the idea and glorified it. Since then, other directors across the world joined this project, and there are  plans to extend it worldwide.

Here’s how it works…every week, an artist or band is invited to play in the streets, in a bar, a park, in a flat, or even an elevator while the whole session is being filmed.  What makes the beauty of the videos are the little incidents, hesitations, and crazy stuff happening unexpectedly.  The videos are not edited, all of the raw sound of the surroundings are kept.  The goal is to try and capture instants, film the music just like it happens, without preparation, without tricks. Spontaneity is the keyword.

I think I’m addicted to the simplicity of these films.  Most are shot in Paris.  You should definitely check them out, but hey I warned you…you can’t watch just one.  Here are some of my favorites as of now (there are hundreds of them, so I’m sure I will find new favorites as I make my way through them).
Fleet Foxes

Of course Bon Iver

This one makes the cut because Plastic Revolution plays with a Mariachi band

If you have time or you’re bored you should also check out performances by: Mumford and Sons, The Tallest Man On Earth, Bon Iver, SIgur Ros, Arcade Fire, Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos

Funny I said I’m just going to take a minute to post this…it’s been an hour and a half since I started going through these.

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2 thoughts on “Take Away (all of my time) Shows

  1. Natalie says:

    I love your blog you dog! The Bon Iver was great. I love how they seem so uncool, I am not even joking. It’s great. I have to go clean now, I have been procrastinating ALL DAY and it’s 4:00. : D

  2. melissa says:

    What, you don’t like the man purse?! The first time I watched it, I was surprised when they panned the camera to the courtyard of the apartment complex and all those people were there watching, I thought it was just them in the entry way. Bon Iver…totally cool in my book.

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