Yep, cupcakes. That’s what’s on my mind at 1:10am today. Normal? I suppose so, why not. It beats what was on my mind at 1:10pm this afternoon. Yeah, don’t ask, because I’m not even going to divulge that information, it’s slightly embarrassing and involves my head still being on my pillow while the rest of the world is being productive. OK sorry, forget I even brought it up that’s as much info as you’re getting.  Anyway, back to the cupcakes. So my friend’s daughter is about to turn 1! Her party is on March 5th and I’ve offered to take on the challenge of making cupcakes for the big event. It’s not every year your baby turns the big 0-1, no pressure. The theme of the party is actually a cupcake theme so it should be fun to be able to go overboard on the cupcake decorating.  For the past couple of days I’ve been trying to decide just what kind of cupcakes get to make an appearance at this VIP party. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not that great at making cupcakes. It’s hard not to get a tad discouraged, when you see those fancy schmancy LA style cupcakes that always pop out of the oven all flat on top exactly how their supposed to be, in their cute little cupcake outfits trying to seduce you with their perfectly sculpted frosting swirls and colorful sprinkles. I suppose you could say my cupcakes are just a touch more on the rugged side. I like to say that I make cupcakes with character, makes me feel better anyway.  So what if my little cakes pop out of the oven hunchbacked and the frosting swirls may sometimes resemble something your beloved cat may have left behind on the carpet (hope that doesn’t ruin it for you). Needless to say, this should be interesting. I’m looking forward to a little project and plan on spending the next week testing some cupcake recipes. Wish me luck!


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