Chicken salad and Christmas lights

#2 12:49am Dec. 7th
It’s a Tuesday. Tuesdays are usually uneventful. This Tuesday was eventful.  Yesterday and today have actually just merged into one long event. It started Monday when someone sent out the memos to come to the coffee bar for lunch. I didn’t get the memo until the dining room was full and we were up to our ears in chicken salad and old ladies. Strange for a Monday. After lunch, an hour or so of dishes and a bath in our three compartment sink, round two came with a crew of people to set up for a Benefit Silent Art Auction/Live Jazz that was being held in the gallery area. (fast forward) Seven hours later art is gone, customers are gone, I’ve made a ridiculously large trip to Costco and my home away from home (Wal-mart). The rugs are vacuumed, the boys are exhausted and the espresso machine is turned off. This is when I decide Christmas decorations MUST go up. Now or never. At least never for another year, so yes…NOW. Little did I know that I would literally spend all night hanging decorations. I’m still not sure what took so long, if you saw the quantity of decorations hung you would wonder too, but I decorated and decorated (Chad probably made it through an entire season of Burn Notice while lying on the couch) and then decorated a little bit more until I could decorate no more. If I had a camera I would take some pictures for you, but I don’t. So if you’re just dying to get me a gift this year *hint*hint* I suppose I would let you give me one. Back to the decorating.  I do know what took up a good portion of my precious time though, it was trying to untangle and test a tub full of lights from the church. I started out all excited to hang lights…then I opened the tub. I plugged in the first strand…nothing, OK, second strand….nothing. Third strand is tangled with the fourth strand, fourth strand works!! Fifth and sixth strands don’t cooperate. Seventh strand works.  Eighth strand is actually not a strand at all, but a bush covering…bush cover works, unfortunately I want lights to hang through the rafters, not on a bush so eighth strand…no good.  Ninth strand is all blue lights, as is the rest of the tub. That’s when I gave up on the lights altogether.  I’m not sure you can sense my frustration for the lights in the way I am writing this, but it was severe. I may have even sworn a few times, not saying it happened, just saying it’s a possibility (sorry mom). It was a long night, but I’m glad to have that done so people can enjoy the holidays before they’re over.


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