that’s the way I like it…

12:46am Dec 1st

I know that it’s February 25th, but I actually wrote this post when I decided to start this blog back in December, so take a little trip back in time with me if you will, we’ll be back to the future in no time.

Oh goodness….Dec 1st already, really hard to believe. So it’s been over a year since I’ve been here managing the coffee bar. What a trip. That’s a bit of an understatement.  So lately I’ve been reading some blogs online and I guess just got kinda inspired to try my hand at this. Not gonna lie, in my little mind I’ve had this thought that blogging was a little egotistical, not necessarily a bad thing, just a little self-centered. I mean do people besides myself really care to hear that I ate almost an entire side of chips and queso at Fuzzy’s by myself tonight (yep, true story) or do they really want to know that today I discovered one of my regular customers at the coffee bar toured for a while playing with Bright Eyes?  How about party crashing some guy’s birthday/house-warming party in Oak Cliff last night…eh? I don’t know, mostly my life is boring and probably  of no interest to you, but every once in a while I get a few splashes of color that make life a little more exciting (like this story that my friend Natalie posted on her blog, look at me already a professional, tagging other blogs). I just decided why not, if nothing else it will help me cross off one of the to-dos on my list of things to do before my next birthday, journaling being one of them. So I guess here it goes….welcome to the world of Blog? Don’t expect much, because I don’t even have a plan and that’s the way I like it.
It’s 1:46am and I should probably get some sleep tonight, so more about me later…..oh except if you know me at all, you know that I do love me some music, so there will probably be some mentions of what I’m listening to. Oh what? You wanted to know what’s playing right now? Well then, at this moment I’m listening to a guy named Jeremy Larson out of Springfield MO. This is my first go at his music, sounds oddly familiar like maybe I’ve listened to it in a past life or something so maybe my second go  at it? Could just be that his voice sounds remarkably similar to that of Aaron Marsh, lead singer of Copeland? Maybe not…did I mention it’s late? Either way, it’s nice musically and takes me back a little…circa 2003.


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